Saturday, September 12, 2015

One Pot Spaghetti, All Ingredients From Aldi

My mother likes to laugh at my love of Aldi.
I really do swear by that store!
They have the best foods when talking about
price and quality (A LOT of organic).

Anyways, I cooked spaghetti with "hidden" ingredients
for my husband who really doesn't enjoy healthy foods.

Materials needed:
- One pot
- One colander
- One paper plate
- Spatula

Food needed:
- 1 lb. ground beef - $5.24
- Chicken broth - $1.79*
Free range, organic and low sodium
I usually only use a little bit to make the noodles
not stick towards the end of the cooking process
- Angel hair pasta - $1.79*
Organic, you can use whatever kind you like
and as much as you'd like
- Tomato and basil sauce - $1.79*
Organic, whole jar
- Salt & pepper - 99 cents per grinder
- Sweet peppers - $1.99 per bag*
I only used 3, regular sized peppers
- Spinach leaves - $1.79* per bag
I used a handful, torn into smaller pieces

* Approx. prices...I threw away the receipt before blogging.

1. Begin boiling noodles.

2. Add spinach when noodles
are almost finished cooking.
3. Drain noodles and set aside.

4. Place meat in same pot you boiled noodles.

5. Brown the meat.

6. I did not drain my meat because there was next 
to no grease. If you need to drain, do so and then add in sauce.

7. Add in noodles and stir.

Mr. Bogart is the acting quality control officer.

Other pups wondering what the amazing smell is.

*Side tip*
I hate wasting sauce so I add my chicken broth
into the jar and shake to get the remaining out.


8. Add in broth and spices.

9. Enjoy!

Finished product on my fabulous paper china, ha!
As a previous post stated, I HATE DOING DISHES!

This is a staple dish in the Word household
and I hope you enjoy it as well!!

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