Monday, September 14, 2015

All About Aldi...My Love Continues

This ones for you Mom! Ha!

On my weekly Aldi trip, I decided to share
what I normally buy and also highlight 
just how many quality, organic items they carry!

I want to preface this post to say:
- Aldi is not paying me, in any way, shape or form to write this...
but if you are with Aldi and want to talk about paying me, 
feel free to contact me, ha!

Okay, now to the good stuff...saving money AND
getting delicious, healthy foods!

I spent $89.33 while buying a whopping 41 items!
Yes, I said 41!!! 
If you do the math, that is roughly $2.18 per item!

Remember, this is WITH organic items!


Here is a photo of my receipt with
organics highlighted [and the total].
{I just realized I did not highlight the organic popcorn or Energy bars...oopsie.}



Okay, so for those [like me] who need to see the
foods to really appreciate this post...

 Baby spinach: $2.49
Bananas: $1.18
Pasta sauce: $1.89
Ketchup $1.69
Fat free milk: $2.95 
{Mr. Word thinks I am nuts for liking this, ha!}
Black beans: $0.79
Kidney beans: $0.79
Tomato paste: $0.59
Chickpeas: $0.79
Cane sugar: $2.89
Popcorn: $1.79
Energy bars: $4.69
+ {Comparable to Clif bars, a bit more expensive but you get 6 to a box}
TOTAL: $22.53!!!!

Other notable items that I am obsessed with:
- Roasted red pepper hummus - $1.99 

- Friendly farms Greek yogurt - $0.75

- Milk - ranges from $1.99-$2.69/gallon

- Avocados - On sale, $0.49, on the regular, $0.79

 Turkey meat: $3.29
{Free of nitrates, antibiotics, added hormones and animal by-products}
- Blue corn tortilla chips - $1.69
{Basically organic but a certain ingredient 
makes it unable to be labeled as such}
 - Casa Mamita Salsa - $1.69
{They have "fresher" salsas but I
love this one because it taste
I really could go on and on but I think
I will stop here....for now. :)

I would love to answer any questions you
might have or suggestions!

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