Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daytona Beach 2k15

Wowzers, I am finally caught up on my
orders and Master's work so I can update
about my awesome family trip.

Gorgeous sunset.

Yacht club view at one of our favorite restaurants, Caribbean Jacks.

Another lovely sunset.

View from our condo.

My view as I sat under the canopy.

My sunburn from sitting UNDER the canopy.

A spike I made for my mother.
Love it!

Clear skies after a downpour.

View from the pier. 
There were a few dolphins that were
hanging around looking majestic.

I call this UFO.
 I love how the lamps look.

Panoramic view of the storm coming.

One day while it was raining, I worked
on my Master's work in our cozy condo.

Random pier photo.

Pretty hibiscus at the putt-putt course. 

My sister and I messing with the safari totem man.

Mom, Me, Sister at the pier.

Yacht club selfie, take 2.

Yacht club selfie, take 1.

Love this.
This picture captures our true essence. 

Okay, more serious photos now.


I will leave you with this beauty.

2 weeks until the beginning of school!!

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