Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Affordable, 6 Ingredient Guacamole Chicken Salad

So0o0o I love avocados.
I love the color.
I love the taste.
I love the smell.
I love how versatile they are...
I love them.

Mr. Word and I have a running joke
about how there is a small window to actually
make sure the avocado is at its peak of deliciousness.

This illustrates this perfectly.

Okay, on to the recipe.

*Disclaimer: Cute cutting boards are great and dandy; however,
I HATE dishes...love avocados, HATE dishes.*

It truly is a thing of beauty.

- 2 Avocados (Aldi, .78 cents each)
- 1 Lime (juice only) (Aldi, Less than $1.50 per bag)
- Cilantro, to taste (Aldi, Less than $1 per bag)
- 1/2 Small, white onion (Aldi, $1.30 per bag)
- 1/2 Rotisserie chicken (Sam's Club, $4.98/per bird)
- Garlic or garlic powder to taste (Already purchased)

Dishes Needed:
- Large glass mixing bowl
- 2 Paper plates (or a fancy cutting board) :)
- 1 Fork
- 1 Knife
So roughly $5.25 to make enough for 4 portions...Go Aldi!
 Okay, now for photos of deliciousness.

Cut up the avocados and add lime juice
while smashing with a fork.

Add in cilantro, onion and garlic.
Mix and set aside.

Shred up the chicken.

**I have to give Mr. Word props for
this huge plate o' chicken. I HATE touching
meat, especially raw meat (YUCK). He deconstructed the
chicken and I reconstructed it into this yummy dish.**

Set aside half for now and the other 
half when you want to run out and
buy 2 more avocados so you 
can remake this recipe...
any other recipe you find on Pinterest.

Mix in chicken as evenly as possible and enjoy!

Close up...mmm.

The carnage.
All the mess on one plate!

*Note: It looks like there is a lot
of onion left...there is. I am not
the biggest onion eater so I technically 
used a little less than half.**

One dirty dish,
a busy person's dream!

Now that you do not have to clean
a million and one dishes, you can 
think about how you are going to eat
your newly created meal.

I enjoy mine on sweet peppers.

It is kind of hard to see but 
I cut the tops off and deseed.
Once they are deseeded, 
I cut them in half and stuff it with 
the guacamole chicken salad.

I would love to hear how it works
out for you if you end up trying this recipe!

P.S. I cannot stop watching House of Cards!
Anyone out there gone through/going through this?! :)

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