Tuesday, June 9, 2015

School is out and it is time for the beach! Day One and Two.

You read that correct!
School ended on May 29th
(counting Teacher work days)
and we are now at the beach!
Myrtle Beach, SC that is!

I am going to post each place we eat,
what we do and anything else that might be interesting.

But first, you know there has to be
a basset somewhere in my post... :)

Mr. Boogie warming up 
my beach hat before we left.

The ride was a little over 5 hours long...
not too bad BUT I was driving so...
Thankfully my passengers
weren't too rowdy/cranky, ha!

It was also nice that we passed some scenic areas
and little cities with photo opportunities like the one below.

Little gas station with big personality.
The gas was very cheap
(50 cents less than ours per gallon!)
and they had a lot of interestingly, gross foods as well...

This, was crudely drawn on the 
bathroom stall at the above gas station.
HP fans in all areas!

Blue sky when we arrived on Monday.
It was a bit too late to go out onto the beach 
when we arrived so we decided to 
make a store run and eat somewhere delicious.

We decided to eat at Mr. Fish*
*Both photos are from their website, not my photos* :)

This restaurant was very well priced and
the portions/food was delicious.
I wish it was closer to the actual beach
but, it was wonderful nonetheless.

We all at the Bang Bang Shrimp as an appetizer...
delicious, per usual everywhere, ha.

I started off with caesar salad and 
then had fried flounder, cucumber salad 
and black beans... random concoction I am aware, ha!

Mr. Word had the shrimp and grits and She crab soup.

Our friend Ben had gumbo and lump crap cakes.

We recommend it all! :)

As I type today (Tuesday)...this is thwarting our beach going.
People leaving before the rains fall.

Condo and the rain.
I also recommend The Palace Resort* BUT
I do not recommend booking through their site.

I found my current condo on VRBO*
This website has helped us get AMAZING deals
for a fraction of what it would be elsewhere.

Flops in the shelly sand.
I am use to the sandy, white beaches of Daytona.
Though this sand was a bit more shelly, it was SO 
much cleaner than Daytona.

Rental chairs unoccupied due to the oncoming weather.
If you look really hard, you can see the
rain coming in the background.

More unoccupied chairs.

Riptide and Jellyfish warnings...eek.
That stranger is still braving it though, ha!

We decided to try a buffet for dinner.
Oh. My. Goodness. It was delicious.
Please look at these photos as evidence...

The building looks small in this photo but it had over 100 tables!
How cool is this buffet line?!
It is like a pirate/seafood enthusiast's dream!
There were so many different foods I do
not have time to name them all!

I started out with the salad first...
trying to "be good" and all while on vacay.

Here is a picture of my plate...
I am not a HUGE seafood fan. 
I am sure you can tell from my
plate when compared to Mr. Word's

Said salad. Look away from the pepperonis and cheese. :)
Mr. Word doesn't do salad; 
I was all by my lonesome in that line.

My plate looks more like a country buffet.
Broiled chicken, sautéed green beans, 
rice, cornbread, chicken nugget and the only
2 "seafood" things on the plate...
friend shrimp and hushpuppies.

As for Mr. Word and Ben...
they totally got their money's worth.

Mr. Word piled it all on...
not 100% sure what all made it to his plate.

Ben's was a bit more picturesque,
even though he was clueless about
how to handle those crab legs, ha! 

While they were eating all the
seafood they could, I was busy
visiting this thing of beauty.

The dessert bar of my dreams!
They had sections for 
puddings, cakes, pies, fruit and 
other deliciousness that didn't have an exact name!

I ate my plate before I remembered 
to take a photo but Mr. Word got
 a sampler platter that put my baby plate to shame.

There are SO many things on this plate:
flan, peach cobbler, cheese cake,
coconut pudding, "peanut butter", and baklava.

So, this "peanut butter" concoction...
we have to talk about this for a moment.

I have never had something so delicious in my 27 years.
It seems to be as simple as peanut butter, 
marshmallow fluff, whipped cream and crushed oreos. 
Whew, I think I just gained weight revisiting that dish.

As I stated before, I am trying to be good so...
I then got some fruit; that cancels out the "bad" food right? :)

So after dinner, we decided to find the Myrtle Manor*
that was in the TLC series and check it out.
While I have personally never seen this show,
I thought why not!?

This was the front of the trailer that looks 
like something they sell food or some kind of merchandise out of.
Not 100% sure.

Panorama of the entire "set".
The other homes around this photographed
spot were cute and very well-kept.
They were almost too perfect, ha!

After this little excursion, we made our way back to the condo.

Lets hope tomorrow's weather is better than todays.

More tomorrow! :)

*None of the restaurants, stores, brands, etc. have paid for my opinions.
I just loved it all so much I decided to tell y'all about them!


  1. It's never too late to go out on the beach, Mrs. Word. Even if you arrive at 3AM. "Kids" these days. :)

  2. This is true! I guess it was the waking up early, driving 5 hours, checking in, unpacking and then having to get the little things we had to wait and get when we arrived that took it out of me, ha! :)