Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Myrtle Beach: Day Three

Today marks day 3 of our 5 day adventure.

Today's weather was beautiful!
We started the day off late but we were 
able to spend a good bit of time out by the water.

While we were at the beach we heard
 the faint sound of Christmas carols... yes Christmas carols.
This shady looking vehicle was producing the sounds.
An ice cream van!
We could never make it in time to get any ice cream but
I was able to take a photo of it from our condo window.


So about trying to "be good" at the beach...
I decided to try Hungry Howies*
It was good but not anything special to me...
sorry those who love it!

Mr. Word and Ben decided they needed Chinese.
They Googled and Yelped and found Wok on the Beach*.
They recommend it to anyone around Myrtle Beach
and have a hankering for something sweet and sour.

After eating the above food, we were ready to get to the beach.

Mr. Word and Ben were out in sun while
my inner Morticia Addams came out.

Sun glasses, globs of sun screen
 and a big, black umbrella.

After we got back in and gussied up, 
we decided to see what the Broadway At The Beach* is all about.

One of my favorite things there was a little shop called
It had this adorable display and 
TONS of basset hound merchandise!
Me and Mr. Word

Random shot.
Gorgeous day. 


After we got to Broadway at the Beach 
and explored a bit, we decided to eat at Carlos' n Charlie's


Not much on the menu but what we got was pretty delicious.
We were also a bit taken aback when we were told
the basic chips and salsa were $6.00!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Word

Appetizers: Queso and Diablo Wings
Pro: Fries (weird I know)
Cons: The cheese was like a higher
quality nacho cheese

Mr. Word's Chimichanga
Verdict: Overall it was tasty but he had to 
deconstruct it to get to the "good parts".
"Guacamole" was just pureed avocado with a squirt of lime...

My crispy chicken flautas
Verdict: Overall it was good BUT the
 chicken needed more flavor

Ben's shrimp tacos
Verdict: Best dish of the 3.

Random sign in the ladies' bathroom.
I totally agree with this sign!

Loved the atmosphere.
There were energetic servers, great music 
(A DJ) and fun stuff to read while you wait.

Funny bar stools.
I had to hop on and take a photo.

Swarm of fish awaiting to be fed.
Broadway at the Beach had fish food available 
that when you bought it, the proceeds went to help whales!
Needless to say, we spend a bit to see these fish react.


We ended the night with a little treat!
Mr. Word was hankering for a funnel cake
and they delivered! 

Tomorrow is our last day in Myrtle Beach and
we are going to Charleston for the day on Friday!

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