Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Countdowns All Around

Hello again! I hope everyone is having
a wonderful summer filled with fun.

My summer has been filled with school,
friends, family, school, vacation and more school.

Notice the main activity...school.
If anyone is thinking about taking Walden University
online courses for a Masters, thus far I highly recommend it!
It is fast paced and thought provoking.
I am loving it! :)

All work and no play does not make
for a happy life! Because I this, I am taking a time
out and taking myself to a little concert called

I am not sure how many of you
know much about this event but it
is a pretty big to do for those who are
into my genres of music!

For those who care, I will update 
how that awesomeness goes!

In other news...
The countdown is also started for
Daytona Beach - 12 days
2015-2016 School year - 38 days


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