Monday, June 15, 2015

Bye Bye Myrtle, HELLO Charleston!

So our last day in Myrtle Beach,
we decided to bypass the beach (GASP!!)
and head to the movies!

Myself, Mr. Word and Ben
love scary/thriller movies so we 
decided to see Insidious: Chapter 3.

It was wonderful. We love all 
Insidious movies so we were bound to love it.

After the movie, we decided to walk
around the movie theater area.

This area was interesting...
It is called The Market Commons and
it almost feels like you are on a movie
set in a small, cutesy town.

We happened to walk into a
Bath and Body Works and
made out like bandits!

As most people know, 
Bath and Body Works decided 
to resell their old, classic scents!!

I was able to pick up some of the
old scents that bring back a lot
of wonderful, childhood memories.

After we spent some money and
left smelling wonderful, we needed dinner.

We sat and Yelped restaurants all over
Myrtle Beach and we found them gem!

(When you click on the name, it will take
you to their Google reviews because their
actual website is "broken".)

This little "hole in the wall" place was
very quaint and delicious.
I might be so bold as to say the best I had in Myrtle!

To put into perspective just how tiny
this place was, this is literally a panorama of
the ENTIRE restaurant.
*Note: Mr. Word in the white hat at the bottom left
and Ben people watching, ha! There were some personalities.*

On to the food!

We got the fried, green tomato as an appetizer.
They were good but I will introduce you to 
another fried, green tomato that blew 
this one out of the water!

My delicious concoction!
On the menu it is listed as "Shrimp 'n Grits"...
It was MUCH more than that.

This wonderful dish consisted of grits with bacon, topped with cheese.
Around the rim was lined with collard greens and fried shrimp,
Southern, southern and more southern.

Can we talk about how large these shrimp where?!

Mr. Word's sideways coconut shrimp 
and some kind of crab soup.
He loved them, I didn't try them.
I had my own shrimp dish to eat, ha!

Ben got a bowl of the same crab soup
and some friend shrimp... I think
my dish was the best! :)

After all of that salt, we needed something
that was a bit sweet! We looked across the
street and saw the Hot Now sign on at the Krispy Kreme!
When we walked in, we realized
it was like the one in our hometown!

You can see them making the doughnuts.
How cool is that?!


After dinner and dessert, we took a mini
roadtrip to Surfside, South Carolina to
grab a shirt from this establishment.

When I looked through the coupon books
(yes, I try to be as frugal as possible)
I came across this BASSET!
I HAD to have a shirt. :)

Once I got my shirt, we realized we
had not gone to the Boardwalk yet and
decided to remedy that!

By the time we made it to the Board walk, 
it was dark and the SkyWheel was beautiful!

Love this photo!

So, this area of Myrtle is the ULTIMATE
people watching spot...

There were so many different people walking
around and it was very fun to just see them
interact with each other. The loud cars
that were driving to and fro in hopes someone
would hear their loud music and/or exhaust.

Needless to say, we got out of there pretty quick
and decided to go home and pack so we could
leave ASAP to make our day in Charleston a wonderful one!

When we woke up and FINALLY made
it out of the condo, we were famished and
decided to get breakfast before our 2 hour
trip to Charleston.

Wonderful breakfast!

I had banana nut pancakes, sausage and eggs.

Ben's mega omelette and hashbrowns!

Mr. Word's blueberry waffle.
Not pictured: Sausage and eggs

After breakfast, we set out!

Charleston, here we come!

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge 
*All of my Southern Charm friend out there,
does that last name sound familiar?*

This one is my personal favorite of the bridge.

LOVE the French Quarter of Charleston.
Mr. Word and I said we would live here one day
because it is so historically rich and beautiful!

After we drove around for about 30 minutes, 
we finally found a parking spot and decided
to walk around a bit before we Yelped (we
used this app A LOT) where we were going to eat lunch.

Once we walked a good bit, and ran back to the meter
a few times to add quarters, we walked up on an amazing restaurant.

Love this photo!

Loved all the charm in the Quarter.

Fancy on the inside.

Ben's pimento cheese work of art appitizer

The best tomato bisque I have ever eaten.

Mr. Word's fried mac and cheese

So...remember those fried, green tomatoes I
said we would they are!

This dish is called the fried, green tomato pimento cheese BLT...
Please look at the inside of this amazing dish. 

Um, how could something like this NOT
be delicious?!

After eating, we ran to the meter AGAIN and 
then made our way to the markets to look around.
We then made our way back to the car and captured
a few great shots of just the sights of Charleston.

Beautiful but clear.

Cute horses pulling a tour trolly.

Once we made it back to the car, we mentally
prepared ourself for the 5 hour car ride ahead.

Thankfully it was a smooth ride home and we 
got to see our puppies!

Big Nick!

Mr. Mac falling asleep mid-play.

Pooped puppies.

He has grown so much in a week, it is crazy!!

Now, I am home and it is back to reality.
I have tons of vinyl orders,
 Master's program assignments
and more.

Thankfully, I will be in Daytona 
in a little less than a month!

I hope you enjoyed my narrative of
our awesome trip! Look for the
Daytona Chronicles! :)

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