Wednesday, May 20, 2015

4 Days with Students, 7 Days Until Summer!

Hello, hello!
I have managed to make a post
that is not many, many months later.

Since my last post, in early April, a few things have happened:

1. My adorable, awesome Flower (guinea pig) had to be re homed.

Thankfully my cousins were able to take her and 
give her a loving home with a lot of attention and play time! 
She was an awesome guinea but 
we just couldn't keep up with her needs. :(

2. That adorable puppy I posted about...

He is now with us!!

Meet Mr. Mac
(Remember my husband is the Mac King so it was only fitting, ha!)

Because I can't just post one!

3. My school participated in the Milestone Testing and because
I work with amazingly awesome people we were able
to make this hysterical video to pep our students up!
Please take a peek, I dare you not to laugh!

I am in the black and white blazer 
(with HUGE shoulder pads) and sweet aviators.

4. I got to see one of my favorite bands of all time on their 10th anniversary tour.

5. I am still all like:

Since I cannot yet open up a sanctuary, I do the next best thing:
VOLUNTEER with a local rescue!

This past weekend was Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia's 
9th annual Spring Fling!!
Attendees were so generous this year in their 
donations, contributions and sponsorships!

We raised $22,000 in medical expenses donations alone!
Overall, over $51,000 was raised to help the homeless hounds of GA!!

Let the silent auction bidding frenzy begin!

Commemorative BHRG shirt quilt

More silent auction bidding.

Yellow slips = donations for the hounds!

5. My sister gained another year of life experiences
as did my oldest puppy Bogart!

6. A friend on Facebook threw it WAY back one Thursday:

I'm on the right with the SWEET
seahorse shirt...thanks Mom!

7. I decided there will never be a better time than now to
go back and further my education!
I enrolled in Walden University for the 
accelerated, M.Ed. in Elementary Reading & Literacy!
I am very excited!! :) 

8. As we all know, I am a devout Game of Thrones watcher
so this is only fitting to close out this post...

and this...