Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and 100th Post!

September...Wow, it has been way too long!

Spring break is in full swing so I am able to catch up on both blogs and Netflix (Binge watching The Walking Dead...Ha!)

Like I usually do, I will update with photos and hopefully get back to writing on here regularly...

First, one of my favorite quotes.
One of my kids who really tries to 
"push buttons" wrote this on my desk.


I went to a professional learning at the 
Atlanta Aquarium and it was amazing!
We were able to go behind the scenes and
see some amazing things they are doing and
their day to day operations.

Our first Fall at our new home!


While it was hot and there were
a lot of bugs, this was a marvelous wedding!

In the spirit of Halloween,
I Harryed up the room!

 I adopted a little nugget!
I named her Flower because she
resembles the skunk in Bambi.

Basset Bash and Mr. Nickel won 
first place for longest ears at 28.5" wide and 
second place for the largest paws at 3.75" wide!

Random saying I thought was awesome..
As my previous post have shown,
I like LOVE unicorns.

Halloween was awesome {per usual} at the Word household.
We held a Harry Potter party and the outcome was great!

We also had Thanksgiving since my last post.
I made THIS beauty.

It was more delicious than it was pretty.
While it was a bit involved, 
and my first cheesecake, it was SO worth it.
HERE is the link to the recipe. 

The inside of the deliciousness.

Mr. Word gained another year of life experience.

Mr. Word and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
12.1.12 :)

Best bridal party ever!

Delicious food,
beautiful flowers,
handsome date.

Invested in a Silhouette Cameo.
Best decision!

Mr. Word launched his own business!
Check him out if you have a broken Apple branded item.
He will give you more for your item than ANYONE!
Click the picture for more information. :)

I launched my own small business to use my
 Cameo to create cute, affordable gifts.
Click the picture to be directed to my site. :)

I too gained another year of life experience.
Love from my students.

We enjoyed the cold and snow in March

And the low prices of gas! isn't that low currently.

Said goodbye to my sweet Great-Grandmother.
She lived to be 91. 

Attended my first ever craft show and did awesome!

Traded in the Camry for a 4runner...

Decals made for my new ride.

Native American Pride. :)

After 17 years, I made it back to 
Disney and had a swell time!

I found this gem.

Dark Lord Funk
For all of my HP nerds!

My sister's dog had puppies and 
we will be getting one of them soon!

I had my 2nd craft show.

Tomorrow is the official start of Spring Break
for my school  and I plan to start and hopefully finish
Sara Gruen's newest book.

I also cannot wait for season 5 of Game of Thrones to
premiere the Sunday before I go back to school.

Happy Easter!  :)