Friday, September 26, 2014

Weddings, Bassets and Family Fun Night

Hello friends. I recently went to a friend's wedding
and I want to show how "on point" the decor was.

It was an outside ceremony with the other festivities inside. 
The home was an older house in the downtown of Athens.

Elegant and burlapy!


Now the ceremony.

This lush and earthy ceremony was happening
during a University of Georgia (UGA) game.

We could hear the hoots and hollers throughout the game
but the vows and overall cuteness was enough to drown all of that out!

Beautiful bride before she walked down the aisle.

How every girl wants to be looked at during their wedding!

Adorable flower girl!

I am so happy I was invited to this awesome wedding and
able to share in the night filled with food, friends, and dancing.

Now for school...

We hosted the annual potluck and family night.
At this FUNction, families bring in home made foods
and everyone samples the community's recipes.

BEST tamales...EVER! 


Gym before families and food

Panoramic of the gym when the event started


First stop, food.

Next stop, drinks and digging in.

Our dedicated PTO and new principal.

This year's event went on perfectly!
I cannot wait for Trunk of Treat at the end of October!

Speaking of Trunk or Treat...


If you cannot tell, Halloween is one of my
all time favorite holidays!

We are hosting a duel party and I cannot wait.
UGA/FLA game and Halloween party!
WHOO! :)

The other thing I love more than Halloween...
Bassets. :)

Left: My 75 lb. basset's paw against my palm.                 Right: Retro find!

I cannot wait to upload more of my Fall activities!

I have a professional learning at the Atlanta Aquarium,
another awesome backyard wedding and the BHRG Basset Bash!!

Stay tuned! :)

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