Friday, September 5, 2014

I make gray scale look good...R.T.I. binder and other decor

So with my new job comes new binders.
I use to have an I.E.P. and other SPED related
things binder but now, I have this beauty.

Let me take you on a tour of this lime love.

The front of said binder.
Please check out this amazing comic.

"Ask brown ear what he sees. He hates that!"
Love a good teacher comic.

Cute calendar to keep up with meetings
and other interesting things that might come about.

Every student I serve is placed in order by their first name.

Hall county guide to selecting and using
the right RT.I. strategies and interventions.

This paper is an "if, then" paper. 
I cannot remember where I got it from...
If I can find it, I will link it up later.

This piece of paper is amazing for thinking
through what the child is doing and how
to help them. A-MA-ZING!

Depth of Knowledge Chart

Hall Couny RTI Guidelines

Hall County math RTI CCGPS standards

Teachers' handy, dandy checklist 
when submitting anything R.T.I. related.

Professional Learning Log

Parental contact log

The teal folder is a "catch all" for
paper and any other hand outs.

Now, moving on to this... eh, lovely? piece...

This frightful, floral piece was left behind
by the actual lovely lady we bought our house from.

While it is very functional, 
it is not very appealing in my classroom setting.

First things first, you have to have TAPE!

Add in scissors, wrapping paper and butcher paper.

I started off with butcher paper on the sides... 
the chevron would have given any one 
who looked at it seizurse if it was completely covered.

Side view before teal tape was added.

The beginning of the tape taping in the middle.

Close up.

I totally forgot to take a complete picture.
I will add that on my to do list for Monday.

Our reading strategy wall.

As my blog title says...
I make gray scale look go0o0od.

Our classroom printers do not  print in color
 and it is an act of Congress to get anything 
in color printed elsewhere in the school.

Because of this, I have Tim Gunn moments and

Love him!

Lastly, I will leave you with my little
piece of sanity in my room...

The coffee corner...a.k.a. sanity/energy in a cup!

Love my sign...
it is a play on the song #Selfie.

If you have gotten this far in my post,
don't forget you can get most of these
posters are my Teachers Pay Teachers store..

Until next time. :)

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