Thursday, September 4, 2014

Basset Filled Blog with a Little School Thrown In!

First off...can I just say how excited I am for


If you cannot tell from my layout and other post,
I love a cute basset hound!

October 25th cannot come fast enough!!

P.S. The basset in the logo was hand drawn by moi;
my muse was my old basset Stanley.

In another obsessed passionate move,
I bought these amazing items from
ABC Basset Rescue in New York.

Bye bye paycheck!!
Just kidding, they were a steal 
and for a GREAT cause!
Top: Back of blue/grey shirt in top right picture
Bottom: AMAZING car magnet that screams 
how I feel towards bassets

On a school related note...
I was finally able to pin down a schedule.

Can we say lotz-o-reading interventions?!

My desk area is FINALLY coming together...

Love this poster.
Yep, that is duct tape.

A wide shot of the corner.
I think it is safe to say I like the following:
1. Chevron
2. Van Gogh
3. Sunflowers
4. Lime green


Closer look behind "the desk".

Even closer...
Oh yes, I am proud of my unicorn sign.
Here is a closer look...

"Always be yourself...
unless you can be a unicorn,
then always be a unicorn."

Great words to live your life by!

Other than the ugly teacher desk, look at
these ugly cabinets!

Note the basset plush. :)
Icky green...

Nothing a little butcher paper
and masking tape won't fix!
See the finished product in the next photo.

Can we also talk about how obsessed
I am with Teachers Pay Teachers
and making things to sell on there?!

Left: 3Cue Strategy         Right: Fix Up Strategy
Click either of the strategies to
visit my TpT store!

*Comment with your name, what you teach and your email
and I will send you one FREE*

Close up!

Lastly, another new project...
my Word Wall.

It looks a bit plain now...just wait!

A closer view.
Obsessed with this font!

More to come!!

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