Monday, August 25, 2014

Update...Sorry that seems to be all I do!!

Okay... so now that the school year
has started back, I am going to be 
a bit more consistent in blogging...

That seems a bit backwards...
Anywho...since I last blogged,
the following has happened.

I can best blog through photos...

Administered the CRCT-M...
Reading EVERY word for a week..

Our last faculty lunch before the end of the year

Bought a LOT of coffee

FINALLY got a new phone.
I have had a 4 since 2011.
Needless to say...the 5s is SO MUCH BETTER.

Taught 40+ Kindergartners over the summer


Found this awesome bumper sticker...
I want to know where to find it.

I also found this.
This is so true in our household.

Alert...the next pic is graphic
and involves a snake...
I apologize in advance.

This monstrosity was in our back yard, threatening my dogs.
 Bye, bye Mr. (or Mrs.) Copperhead


On a lighter note, I went to the beach with my mother...

Her happy place.

MY happy place.
Mr. Word won the best husband award this summer
and surprised me with tickets to Universal and Islands of Adventures.

I had the BEST time at both parks and
 look forward to going back with Mr. Word!
Here are a few photos from the parks.

Diagon Alley
It would breathe fire and be absolutely awesome.

Bought Mr. Word a wand.
It's official....we're nerds!

Taste like butterscotch and vanilla
**Disclaimer: For those who do not know, 
there is absolutely NO alcohol in this drink**

Rode the Hogwarts Express to get from
park to was AWESOME!
I highly recommend it.

After getting home, I got the BEST call ever!
My current school offered me a full time position!

I am now an EIP teacher.
(Early Intervention Program)
I mainly work with Tier 3 students and
cannot wait to help them through interventions!

Hm... we bought a new....

It is awesome and the dogs approve!

I have also fell in love with Microsoft Publisher...
I started making and selling things on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Well...that is all I have at the moment.
I am going to attempt to post more about my
school days, interventions and anything else that happens.

Oh yeah...College football is soon to be here.
I found this and it reflect's Mr. Word and I's relationship, ha!

I will leave you with a few cute things and smart words.