Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer School Awesomeness...

The students only have 6 more days
while the teachers have 11...HOORAY!!

Once I "get out"on the 30th, I get to
turn right back around and teach Summer school!

I am excited to teach the little Kindergartners
who are moving on to the first grade!

Summer school runs for 3 weeks and is themed!

Week 1: Animals...I am doing a jungle theme
Week 2:!
Week 3: Beach/Ocean...After this week...I can then
dream of the possible beach trip in my future!

On another note...
Have you ever been on Teachers Pay Teachers and
you see all of the cute and useful worksheets/activities
but they cost WAY too much?

That is an every day occurace for this lady so I
decided to take on making them myself.

I love having Microsoft Publisher on my work PC...
It is so easy to use and allows me to make 
adorable printable like the following!

I have created a bug/insect theme as well!

 I hope you enjoy my printables!

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