Saturday, May 3, 2014

Infused water..mMmMm

Happy Saturday!

Today involved wonderful BBQ 
and infused water.

I have seen a million and one
recipes for infused water and
decided to try it out.

This water has the following:

- 3 Large lemons (rind taken off)
- 1 Small cucumber (about 4, rind off)
- Water in a pitcher

Supplies needed.

I personally do not like the rind
because it usually makes the water bitter
when left infusing for a while.

Once you have cut up your fruit/veggies,
place all into pitcher.

Add water.
(I love this pitcher, it is a beautiful
wedding present I finally got to use.)

Next, place in the
refrigerator and let infuse. 

Last, enjoy a cool drink!

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