Sunday, May 4, 2014

Infused Water, Take Two

Hello again infused water drinkers!

After looking at my post yesterday,
I thought to myself..."How many people
really have enough time to cut all of
those fruits/veggies up??"

Because of this, I decided to look in
our freezer and see what I could find.

We love buying frozen fruits in bulk. 
It is also nice that they cannot "go bad".

For this infused water, I used the following:
- 72 oz pitcher
- 1 cup blue berries
- 5 strawberries, cut
- 1/2 peach
- 4 "chunks" of pineapple


All ingredients into the pitcher.

Fill with water.

Stare at the deliciousness and
place in the refrigerator.

The worst thing about 
infused water is the waiting game.

I usually wait about a
hour or two until I take a sip.

This would be great to make
on a hot summer day!


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