Thursday, May 1, 2014

C.R.C.T. has begun.

So begins the C.R.C.T. testing season...

We had a pep rally to get the students 
excited to start testing.

At said rally, there was an interesting
dance to a C.R.C.T. rap as well as a lyrical
dance to a modified "Let it go".

I volunteered to dance and
in so many was AWESOME!

I am waiting on the video to surface somewhere...

Other than rallying, there were creative
posters and displays around the school.

Mine Craft inspired motivation
for the students near the front office.
"Don't be a creeper, be top notch!"

"Lucky test taking strategies"
Love the bright colors 
and message in 4th grade!

Creativity yet again in 5th grade.
Celebs and other pop culture icons
giving the "seniors" encouraging words.
Lovez it!

Today we started with the reading section,
tomorrow we will move on to ELA (my favorite!)

In other news, my basset obsession continues...

Vintage, wooden sign given
by Mr. Word's mother.
Love it!

Canvas print I found
 at an arts and craft fair. 
I love helping local rescues 
and I can never pass up anything bassety!

Last, but not least,  Mr. Word
playing with our HUGE (80 lb) basset
with ears for DAYS.

Please look past the drab, original
linoleum floors from 1991...

Yuck, one of the reasons there were 
no kitchen photos is yesterday's post.

Any who, time to watch a few 
episodes of Game of Thrones and prop my feet up.

More walking in circles 
and reading aloud tomorrow.

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