Friday, May 16, 2014

Word Nerd

I saw this floating around FaceBook
and had to post it. I am a proud nerd!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer School Awesomeness...

The students only have 6 more days
while the teachers have 11...HOORAY!!

Once I "get out"on the 30th, I get to
turn right back around and teach Summer school!

I am excited to teach the little Kindergartners
who are moving on to the first grade!

Summer school runs for 3 weeks and is themed!

Week 1: Animals...I am doing a jungle theme
Week 2:!
Week 3: Beach/Ocean...After this week...I can then
dream of the possible beach trip in my future!

On another note...
Have you ever been on Teachers Pay Teachers and
you see all of the cute and useful worksheets/activities
but they cost WAY too much?

That is an every day occurace for this lady so I
decided to take on making them myself.

I love having Microsoft Publisher on my work PC...
It is so easy to use and allows me to make 
adorable printable like the following!

I have created a bug/insect theme as well!

 I hope you enjoy my printables!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eligibility Land...

Eligibility land is an interesting place...

A land full of numbers, percentages, acronyms,
and a whole lot of copy and pasting!

I am a list person...
so, I made a check list!

If you'd like to download this form, 
click the photo to be directed to my 
Teachers Pay Teacher store!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Over half-way done...

So three of five portions
of the CRCT area COMPLETE!

Tomorrow is Science and Friday
ends it with Social Studies (my favorite!)

After each of these two portions, I am going
to attempt to pull all of my students to
capture their smiles sitting in front of this...

I cannot wait to share!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Freebie!!

As I sit here thinking about how I am going to 
get through tomorrow's Math portion of the C.R.C.T,
I totally forgot Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!!

I thought back to all of the crafty things
I made for my mother. I then realized that
most mothers/grandmother/aunts just want to 
know why/how they are loved.

Once I started thinking that about it,
I remembered something I found on Pinterest.

I scrolled through my thousands of pins
and finally found what I was looking for...

I plan to do something like this:
Click here to take you to the original post

I cannot wait to post photos of my kids!

While I am capturing all of the cuteness,
I will leave you with this freebie!

Freebie!! Students' Personal Word Wall

Here is a little worksheet I made for my students.
I love that they can color the title to fit their personality.

Grab it here free!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

This is a super easy recipe
I found on

Click here to be directed to said recipe.

I used the following, all finely chopped:

- 2 Roma tomatoes
- 1/2 White onion
- 1/2 Cup cilantro
- 1/2 red bell peppers.
- Lime juice, as much as you fancy 
(not chopped, ha!)


Viva Mexico! :)

While making this salsa, I realized 
I was using the colors of the Mexican flag.

Mix all ingredients together, chill and enjoy!

After enjoying a few bites,
I decided to pack it up for tomorrow.

Infused Water, Take Two

Hello again infused water drinkers!

After looking at my post yesterday,
I thought to myself..."How many people
really have enough time to cut all of
those fruits/veggies up??"

Because of this, I decided to look in
our freezer and see what I could find.

We love buying frozen fruits in bulk. 
It is also nice that they cannot "go bad".

For this infused water, I used the following:
- 72 oz pitcher
- 1 cup blue berries
- 5 strawberries, cut
- 1/2 peach
- 4 "chunks" of pineapple


All ingredients into the pitcher.

Fill with water.

Stare at the deliciousness and
place in the refrigerator.

The worst thing about 
infused water is the waiting game.

I usually wait about a
hour or two until I take a sip.

This would be great to make
on a hot summer day!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Infused water..mMmMm

Happy Saturday!

Today involved wonderful BBQ 
and infused water.

I have seen a million and one
recipes for infused water and
decided to try it out.

This water has the following:

- 3 Large lemons (rind taken off)
- 1 Small cucumber (about 4, rind off)
- Water in a pitcher

Supplies needed.

I personally do not like the rind
because it usually makes the water bitter
when left infusing for a while.

Once you have cut up your fruit/veggies,
place all into pitcher.

Add water.
(I love this pitcher, it is a beautiful
wedding present I finally got to use.)

Next, place in the
refrigerator and let infuse. 

Last, enjoy a cool drink!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

C.R.C.T. has begun.

So begins the C.R.C.T. testing season...

We had a pep rally to get the students 
excited to start testing.

At said rally, there was an interesting
dance to a C.R.C.T. rap as well as a lyrical
dance to a modified "Let it go".

I volunteered to dance and
in so many was AWESOME!

I am waiting on the video to surface somewhere...

Other than rallying, there were creative
posters and displays around the school.

Mine Craft inspired motivation
for the students near the front office.
"Don't be a creeper, be top notch!"

"Lucky test taking strategies"
Love the bright colors 
and message in 4th grade!

Creativity yet again in 5th grade.
Celebs and other pop culture icons
giving the "seniors" encouraging words.
Lovez it!

Today we started with the reading section,
tomorrow we will move on to ELA (my favorite!)

In other news, my basset obsession continues...

Vintage, wooden sign given
by Mr. Word's mother.
Love it!

Canvas print I found
 at an arts and craft fair. 
I love helping local rescues 
and I can never pass up anything bassety!

Last, but not least,  Mr. Word
playing with our HUGE (80 lb) basset
with ears for DAYS.

Please look past the drab, original
linoleum floors from 1991...

Yuck, one of the reasons there were 
no kitchen photos is yesterday's post.

Any who, time to watch a few 
episodes of Game of Thrones and prop my feet up.

More walking in circles 
and reading aloud tomorrow.