Thursday, April 17, 2014

4 months later...

Now that school is winding down due to C.R.C.T. testing
almost being here and gone, I can finally update more frequently.

I have now been at my school for three months and I cannot be
more happy and grateful for the opportunity. I teach students
in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. 

Let me tell you...the first graders keep
me laughing daily with their littler personalities
and brutal honesty. They really brighten my days.

The upper grades are awesome as well. They have
their own personalities and  sayings that keep
me laughing and "current" with today's kids...

Wow...I am officially an adult...It didn't feel weird
saying those words and meaning it...agh! :)

Other than teaching my students, I have also been tutoring
two groups of students in an afternoon program my school offers.
It has been great really watching these students grow academically
since I started with them in January.

On another note, the house is still amazing. We hosted
our first housewarming party and had a great turn out.
Thank you all that came!
I hope you enjoyed the home, food and laughs.

Another milestone for my family included my Great-Grandmother
turning the big 9-1! She is still doing great and in good spirits.
I cannot wait to be older and talk about "the old days"...

Thank you again for putting up with my lack of blogging...
maybe now my post will become more frequent.
Now, I am off to IEP and Eligibility land!

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