Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yikes! I have been gone too long!

Hello strangers!
Where have I been?!

Last time I blogged, I was in my
fifth week (of 15) student teaching.
That seems like FOREVER ago!

Hm... I think the easiest thing for me 
to do is to look at my FaceBook time line
and share all of the events in order.

Since I last typed (09/22/13 to be exact!)
I have been:

Enjoying my Atlanta Braves wins!

Still loving my rescued animals

Constructing Kwakiutl long houses

Still loving Basset hounds
If you are looking for a basset and you
are located in GA, check out:

Finding a great, new show to follow.
Sleepy Hallow on Fox

Buying HUGE pumpkins to take
to class for a 5 senses writing lesson.

Reminiscing about Belize

Receiving letters from my students,
making me love my "job" even more.

Loving the faculty at my school.
So encouraging! 

Making this face EVERYDAY!

Received random, awesome gifts
for no reason from Mr. Word.

Invested in a Vitamix...
If you are thinking about getting one...

Prepping students for tests to come...

Coordinated (along with another friend) my
school's "Trunk or Treat". It was a hit!
Me: Left, Supervising teacher: Right

Participated in "crazy hair" day at school...
ombrè awesomeness.

Had family visit Mr. Word and I
in Athens...mmm Sn'S!

Finding awesome quotes...

Making 50+ cupcakes for my
4th grader's Halloween party...

Channeling Viola Swamp
for character day!

Still finding quotes...
they are my favorite!

Looking at this cute face!

Attending the annual Basset Hound
Rescue of GA Bash!

Cannot forget this face!

Helping BHRG at the Atlanta Pet Expo...

Loving animals in need...

Being saddened by the loss of a great author...
Barbara Park, author of Junie B. Jones books.

Trying to get through Thanksgiving
before even thinking about Christmas...

Missing my Nanny...
(I am the young'n)

Managing the classroom like a BOSS...

Messing with my dogs because
I don't have kids!

Photographing basset butts...
don't judge me, they are cute!

Bonfire for my mom's 50th birthday
and Mr. Word's 26th birthday!

Snoozin' with the pooches...

Celebrating Mr. Word and I's 
1st wedding anniversary...

Cheesein' with the Big Guy

Missing my Stan :'(

Knitting up a storm...

Finding funny basset memes to 
share with all of the world...

Caroling with my school...

Getting another year older!!

and last but not least and UP TO DATE...


If you cannot tell... I AM ELATED!
(Mr. Word is a great photographer!)

One of my sweet, sweet professors!

Another favorite professor
who I also went to Belize with...

Mi Familia...apparently something was funny...

My riding buddy for the 2.5 years of the cohort.

My mom {left}, me and my mother-in-law

WHEW, that was a lot...
congratulations if you are still with me.

I have a few job prospects and as they
come, I will update.

I will also update if any other spectacular
events arise...

Stay tuned! :)