Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am alive! 5 weeks down, 10 to go!

First and foremost...
Hello! I am still alive!!

I have been busy, busy, busy with
lesson plans, conferences, meetings, etc.

I am LOVING my 4th grade class and
my supervising teacher is awesome.

I have been in the school for 5 weeks already!
It feels like I have been there much longer
but I love every second of this experience.

The faculty is amazing and so welcoming.
The kids are also so loving and shower 
me with notes and paper flowers.

See the photo below :)

Such fun students!

As a part of my student teaching experience,
I have to make a teacher work sample.

In this sample, I have to write a 10 day unit plan.
During my 10 day unit, I chose to focus on Native Americans.

Below is my display of the 6 tribes
we will discuss during my unit.

We have come to the end of our
first 9 weeks {CRAZY!!} and
we decided to have a book celebration!

Here is a list of what we celebrated.

The students had a lot of fun celebrating!
Below are a group of boys finishing up their blogs.

Some students chose to make dioramas. 

 This student chose to read a book
about 9-11 and create his project around it.

Dioramas were the most popular
project choice!

I am going to try to update more!
I promise!

:) Off to bed to start my 6th week!