Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School Sweet School!

Today was the first day of
preplanning and I am more excited
than ever to begin!

My teacher is awesome, helpful
and inviting. Whew!

I have read too many horror
stories about people who had
supervising teachers that made
them second guess them wanting to teach!

The room isn't quite finished; however,
you KNOW I have to share a few
photos of where I will be calling come
for the next 15 weeks!

{Hopefully more after that...
hopefully a job!!} is
my home away from home!

Looking from the doorway.
*Folder assembly area for the day*

My little area for the day.
Usual teacher, small group area.

Bookshelf with games
and other resources.

My teacher's desk.
I will be getting a smaller one

View from behind the 
teacher's deck.

Class library in progress

View from the door.

View 2 from the door.

I am so excited to go back
tomorrow and actually plan
with my grade level!

Okay, time to chill out and
watch the Atlanta Braves make
it a {lucky} 13 in a row win!

Go Braves!

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