Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's a bird, it's a plane...oh, it's just my Dad and Sister!

Mr. Word and I woke up bright and early 
to drive clear across the state of Georgia...

Might you be wondering why one would
 do that on this lovely Saturday?

To watch my sister and dad jump out of a plane,
 10,000 feet above the ground!!

That's right...skydiving!

We traveled to Skydive Georgia 
in Cedartown, Georgia.

It was an awesome experience for both 
those staying on the ground and 
those hurling themselves towards earth.

After everyone landed safely,
 (kinda-sorta..haha Daddy!)
we traveled almost 45 minutes to this gem...

Picture via my sister
It has been over 8 years since 
I have been able to dine at this wonderful place.

I do have to say it was not the same
as when I ate there weekly as a kid
and celebrated my 16th birthday there.

I remember the hamburgers being hand shaped...
not so much any more...
It was still scrumptious...just not the same.

On another note...
Student teaching starts in 4 days!

Pre-planning runs Wednesday to Friday
 and open house on that same Friday.

I cannot wait to meet my students!

The following quote was found
on Pinterest and it sums up my thoughts
as I go into Student Teaching.

I also found this on FaceBook
and it made me think of my animals...

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enter in their drawing for the Teaching Necklace ending today!!**

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