Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Second day. Hey, hey, hey!

Happy first week of school
to most people here in GA!

I thought I would open with
a photo of moi as a Kindergartener!

*Please note my SWEEEEEET Lisa Frank folder*

I pretty much have the same
hair-do without the straight bang.

Another fun fact...


Yes, you read that correctly...
I have been IN school
{as a student} since 1993.

I have been a student for 20 years!!


Oh. My. Goodness.
I am more in love with my
student teaching school than
I was when I observed there
earlier in my "career".

If you ever get the chance
to volunteer/observe/teach
in a Title 1 school...DO IT!

I know some are thinking, "That
is NOT my thing." or. "Those 
schools scare me." Not all 
Title 1 schools are the same.

I truly believe these schools
receive a bad reputation in movies
and other sources of media.

The kids at my school have taught me so much
and not even realized they are helping me 
just as much as I am helping them. 

This school and kids
 have taught me:

 -To be thankful for all I have.
- On my worst day, there is someone
who is struggling/needing more.
- NEVER form an opinion about
 a child based on what other 
teachers tell you.
- Money doesn't buy love, 
happiness, or family.

There are so many more lessons
taught but the last point
means the most to me.

I see so many students who
may not have all items they need
but they have family, friends and
can make any situation a happy one.

I am so excited to work with
my 52 4th graders!

I finally was able to set up my area.
I am so excited my teacher was nice
enough to get a desk for me. Enjoy!

Petite and perfect!

I never sit here, UNLESS the
students aren't in the room so
the size is perfect!

My adorable pencil holder
my sister gave me for Christmas.

My bare bookshelf.
I need more items!

My magnetic board.
All of those photos have plans
for photo frames.

I know the bottom, left photo
seems a bit interesting...
here is a better version of it.

Yes...this is Mrs. Word in the 4th grade,
throwing up the peace signs in the red anorak.
 Spice Girls style!
{My kids got a kick out of this!}

Okay...time for bed
5 o'clock comes early!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School Sweet School!

Today was the first day of
preplanning and I am more excited
than ever to begin!

My teacher is awesome, helpful
and inviting. Whew!

I have read too many horror
stories about people who had
supervising teachers that made
them second guess them wanting to teach!

The room isn't quite finished; however,
you KNOW I have to share a few
photos of where I will be calling come
for the next 15 weeks!

{Hopefully more after that...
hopefully a job!!}

Anyways...here is
my home away from home!

Looking from the doorway.
*Folder assembly area for the day*

My little area for the day.
Usual teacher, small group area.

Bookshelf with games
and other resources.

My teacher's desk.
I will be getting a smaller one

View from behind the 
teacher's deck.

Class library in progress

View from the door.

View 2 from the door.

I am so excited to go back
tomorrow and actually plan
with my grade level!

Okay, time to chill out and
watch the Atlanta Braves make
it a {lucky} 13 in a row win!

Go Braves!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's a bird, it's a plane...oh, it's just my Dad and Sister!

Mr. Word and I woke up bright and early 
to drive clear across the state of Georgia...

Might you be wondering why one would
 do that on this lovely Saturday?

To watch my sister and dad jump out of a plane,
 10,000 feet above the ground!!

That's right...skydiving!

We traveled to Skydive Georgia 
in Cedartown, Georgia.

It was an awesome experience for both 
those staying on the ground and 
those hurling themselves towards earth.

After everyone landed safely,
 (kinda-sorta..haha Daddy!)
we traveled almost 45 minutes to this gem...

Picture via my sister
It has been over 8 years since 
I have been able to dine at this wonderful place.

I do have to say it was not the same
as when I ate there weekly as a kid
and celebrated my 16th birthday there.

I remember the hamburgers being hand shaped...
not so much any more...
It was still scrumptious...just not the same.

On another note...
Student teaching starts in 4 days!

Pre-planning runs Wednesday to Friday
 and open house on that same Friday.

I cannot wait to meet my students!

The following quote was found
on Pinterest and it sums up my thoughts
as I go into Student Teaching.

I also found this on FaceBook
and it made me think of my animals...

**Don't forget to head over to Spreading the Love  and 
enter in their drawing for the Teaching Necklace ending today!!**