Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunny Florida

Here we come!!

This time every year, my family
 (for the most part...missing a few)
travels to Florida for a week.

We will embark on our
8 hour (ugh!) drive at 5am.

T-minus 7.5 hours!

I thought since I was packing 
for a week, I would show everyone
how I packed TOO MUCH
 in one small space.

Said small space.
Please excuse the unmade bed.

First to go in, jeans!
Yep, I take jeans to the beach.
A lot of them too!

The trick to rolling these thick things
is to alternate them when you lay them out.
There are 4 pairs in this roll.

I like to captain this one as
the "jean sushi roll".

Same thing goes for shirts.
There are 4 shirts in this bunch as well.
Roll them tight, smoothing them as you go
and you will not have wrinkles!

Packed and ready to go!

Incase you are curious as too how much
I actually fit into this average sized suitcase...
see list below.

Too much for a week 
but, better safe than sorry!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to show
the blogging world my new do!

Bye bye hair! All 8 inches of you!

I was 2 inches away from being able
to donate to Locks of Love. As you
can see in the bottom, left photo, 
I have major layers and I didn't have 
enough in my longest layer 
to make it worth their time.
Maybe next time!

Okay, time to go to sleep
(feels weird saying that at 9:25, ha!)
so I can chauffeur Mr. Word 
and my mother to Florida!

I will return with photos!

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  1. When I go beaching in August, I think I'll do the sushi roll packing thing. :)