Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Reality...

Mr. Word and I returned last night
from our week-long vacation to Florida.

It was a lot of fun, sun and good food
but I missed my little furlings.

I told you I would take a lot of photos...
here they are!!

Our home away from home.
We found this awesome little
condo on

I highly suggest it 
for your next vacation!

The view from our room.

This was also seen from
our room...a beverage and radio in the pool.
Oh, and he had on WHITE
 Scooby-Doo boxers...

Rainy first day followed by a rainbow.

Second day: NOVA conference
at the "Happiest Place on Earth"

I wish I could have played in the
parks, BUT there was business to be done!

Gorgeous hotel!

Mr. Word and I heading to the conference.


Taking care of business!!

We decided to do an all electric presentation.
There was a great turnout and we spoke
to multiple people who were interested in
doing the same trip we did!

Mr. Word and my mother spent
their time at Disney {waiting on me to finish the presentation}
riding around on the rails and by boat {see picture}.

Light reading.
{Don't mind my "red as Ron Weasley's hair" legs}

Mr. Word on the beach. :)
You have to love those TIFOSI glasses!
{Check out their website!!}

We tried a new place.
It was DELICIOUS. If you are
ever in Daytona, try this place!

We also went {for the 2nd time}
to a place called River Grille.
Delish! Beautiful sunset.

This was out first time here.
It was good but the atmosphere was better.

Mr. Word and I eating on the pier.

My Mom enjoying an ice cream
on the boardwalk. 

I will leave you with
this beautiful photo!

16 days until preplanning!!

I meant to say...
Bring on Student teaching!!

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  1. You were in Daytona and you were surprised at boxers in a pool? Come on.