Saturday, July 6, 2013

Babies, Cars and Skin Repair!

This weekend was filled with 
a new cousin for me,
a new car for my Mother-in-Law
 and a new sunburn for me!

Okay, first...this cutie.

Baby Marianna

My "First" Cousin holding
my new "Second" Cousin!
(I think she looks just like him!)

Next, my Mother-in-Law
scooped up this sweet ride.

She is lookin' snazzy!
She has joined the Toyota club!
(That is all that we drive around here!)

It was an awesome experience.
If you are ever in Macon, Georgia and
happen to be in the mood to buy a car.

Butler Toyota is the place!
Great service and semi-swift process. awesome (not) sunburn..

Okay, so some of you know,
but most don't (because of my photos).
I have lots and lots of red hairs.

I wouldn't call myself red HEADED,
more red haired...thank you Father!
See photo below...

I love my "Auburn" hair.

Anywho...with "red" hair comes
red skin...from sunburns.

Exhibit A hurts.
Thankfully, I turned into a lobster
last year on our annual Florida trip 
and found this little gem.

Exhibit B

This right here...awesomeness in a bottle.
It takes the sting out immediately and
leaves you smelling of lavender.

Below are the ingredients and
there are some great smelling ones in there.

This is really good for those 
who like all-natural products.

This stuff is so awesome, they have no need
to pay me or any of that jazz to get me to use it!

Click here to be taken to see all of the
magical potions they have! 

They have more than just skincare items.

Get lost in their inventory!

It will help all of us
out there who are red headed
and red haired!

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