Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teacher Necklace Give Away! {Courtesy Blog}

I have a few friends that run

I thought I would share their
first giveaway to my readers.

Another lady in our cohort makes
these adorable necklaces. Check out her
Etsy shop {Designing Tomorrow}

Anyways, this is the necklace up for grabs.

Words from {Designing Tomorrow} shop owner:

"This necklace has a hand-stamped pendant with "Teach • Love • Inspire" stamped on it. The necklace is about 18 inches long. The chain is a beautiful silver plated chain. The necklace is embellished with a bead. The colors of the bead is your choice. 

 **The CHAIN of this necklace is NOT Stainless Steel. I use a high quality silver plated chain.** 

Since this necklace is hand stamped, there might be a slight variation in the placement of the letters. This adds to the charm, character, and individuality of the piece of jewelry. "

If you'd like to snag this necklace,
head on over the Spreading the Love
and enter! You can enter 8 ways 
for multiple chances to win!

Good luck!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chi, Chi, Chi, CHIA!!

Soooo...who here has
used and/or uses Chia seeds?

I have read/heard a little about
them and decided to check them out.

I went shopping and found
them on CLOSEOUT {score!!}
and decided to give them a go.

If you have any advice/recipes/etc.
I would love to hear it!

Thank you.

Back to Reality...

Mr. Word and I returned last night
from our week-long vacation to Florida.

It was a lot of fun, sun and good food
but I missed my little furlings.

I told you I would take a lot of photos...
here they are!!

Our home away from home.
We found this awesome little
condo on vrbo.com

I highly suggest it 
for your next vacation!

The view from our room.

This was also seen from
our room...a beverage and radio in the pool.
Oh, and he had on WHITE
 Scooby-Doo boxers...

Rainy first day followed by a rainbow.

Second day: NOVA conference
at the "Happiest Place on Earth"

I wish I could have played in the
parks, BUT there was business to be done!

Gorgeous hotel!

Mr. Word and I heading to the conference.


Taking care of business!!

We decided to do an all electric presentation.
There was a great turnout and we spoke
to multiple people who were interested in
doing the same trip we did!

Mr. Word and my mother spent
their time at Disney {waiting on me to finish the presentation}
riding around on the rails and by boat {see picture}.

Light reading.
{Don't mind my "red as Ron Weasley's hair" legs}

Mr. Word on the beach. :)
You have to love those TIFOSI glasses!
{Check out their website!!}

We tried a new place.
It was DELICIOUS. If you are
ever in Daytona, try this place!

We also went {for the 2nd time}
to a place called River Grille.
Delish! Beautiful sunset.

This was out first time here.
It was good but the atmosphere was better.

Mr. Word and I eating on the pier.

My Mom enjoying an ice cream
on the boardwalk. 

I will leave you with
this beautiful photo!

16 days until preplanning!!

I meant to say...
Bring on Student teaching!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Discount items?!

Do you love Thirty-One items as much as I do?!

Well today is YOUR day to score items
for up to 70% off!

When you
you will be take to
the site to buy awesomeness.

Look for this photo:

and if you do not see it, make sure
you change it so consultant # 144514!

You have 1 day and 7 hours left!!

Happy shopping!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lets go to the beach, beach...

We made it safe and sound!

Time to stock up on food items and get ready
 for the NOVA conference ALL day tomorrow!

Plenty of photos to come!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunny Florida

Here we come!!

This time every year, my family
 (for the most part...missing a few)
travels to Florida for a week.

We will embark on our
8 hour (ugh!) drive at 5am.

T-minus 7.5 hours!

I thought since I was packing 
for a week, I would show everyone
how I packed TOO MUCH
 in one small space.

Said small space.
Please excuse the unmade bed.

First to go in, jeans!
Yep, I take jeans to the beach.
A lot of them too!

The trick to rolling these thick things
is to alternate them when you lay them out.
There are 4 pairs in this roll.

I like to captain this one as
the "jean sushi roll".

Same thing goes for shirts.
There are 4 shirts in this bunch as well.
Roll them tight, smoothing them as you go
and you will not have wrinkles!

Packed and ready to go!

Incase you are curious as too how much
I actually fit into this average sized suitcase...
see list below.

Too much for a week 
but, better safe than sorry!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to show
the blogging world my new do!

Bye bye hair! All 8 inches of you!

I was 2 inches away from being able
to donate to Locks of Love. As you
can see in the bottom, left photo, 
I have major layers and I didn't have 
enough in my longest layer 
to make it worth their time.
Maybe next time!

Okay, time to go to sleep
(feels weird saying that at 9:25, ha!)
so I can chauffeur Mr. Word 
and my mother to Florida!

I will return with photos!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Babies, Cars and Skin Repair!

This weekend was filled with 
a new cousin for me,
a new car for my Mother-in-Law
 and a new sunburn for me!

Okay, first...this cutie.

Baby Marianna

My "First" Cousin holding
my new "Second" Cousin!
(I think she looks just like him!)

Next, my Mother-in-Law
scooped up this sweet ride.

She is lookin' snazzy!
She has joined the Toyota club!
(That is all that we drive around here!)

It was an awesome experience.
If you are ever in Macon, Georgia and
happen to be in the mood to buy a car.

Butler Toyota is the place!
Great service and semi-swift process.

Now...my awesome (not) sunburn..

Okay, so some of you know,
but most don't (because of my photos).
I have lots and lots of red hairs.

I wouldn't call myself red HEADED,
more red haired...thank you Father!
See photo below...

I love my "Auburn" hair.

Anywho...with "red" hair comes
red skin...from sunburns.

Exhibit A

Yep...it hurts.
Thankfully, I turned into a lobster
last year on our annual Florida trip 
and found this little gem.

Exhibit B

This right here...awesomeness in a bottle.
It takes the sting out immediately and
leaves you smelling of lavender.

Below are the ingredients and
there are some great smelling ones in there.

This is really good for those 
who like all-natural products.

This stuff is so awesome, they have no need
to pay me or any of that jazz to get me to use it!

Click here to be taken to see all of the
magical potions they have! 

They have more than just skincare items.

Get lost in their inventory!

It will help all of us
out there who are red headed
and red haired!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I know it is a little early...

BUT look at this Turkey!

Click the little guy to download for FREE!

Get your classrooms ready for Thanksgiving
with this cute template to write a brief paragraph
about all things turkey, Thanksgiving, farm animals,
Native American, Pilgrims...whatever you want.

I created this little pheasant 
(yep, they are actually pheasants)
for my creativity class. 

You have probably noticed he is missing a few
essential parts...feet and feathers.

THAT is the creative part!
Your students can add blue suede shoes,
multicolored feathers, earrings, hair or
whatever their little brains can imagine.

Have fun with it and I would love
to see photos if anyone who
uses it would like to share!

Happy Rainy Independence Day!

Well here in Athens, Georgia...
it is all thunder and rain.

Mr. Word and I planned to have
a sunny day of swimming and good food.


Instead, our day has been filled with Fatz Cafe,
National Treasure: Book of Secrets, lesson plans
and cute dogs doing cute stuff... see below.

Speaking of lesson plans...
A few of my friends in my cohort
started a blog called Spreading the Love

One of the members created a precious booklet
to use with the Kindergarten Common Core
to teach national symbols of the United States.

Check out their blog here for the FREE download!

I love this ecard.

Nova Summer Conference and
Daytona Count down: 9 days!