Sunday, June 30, 2013

Student Teacher Advice

So as you know, I will begin student
teaching in less than 2 months.
(43 days to be exact)

I took a chance and used good
ol' Twitter (follow me if you'd like!) 
to try and receive advice from other
teachers currently teaching.

184 responses later...

Since there were so many, I 
won't list ALL of them. If you'd
like to read them all, head on over
to FaceBook and like the Scholastic Teacher's page.

Here are some that stuck out to me:

- Avoid negativity. 
- Teach the stuff, not the fluff
- If you do not have classroom control you cannot teach. 
Make that your number one priority.
- Find your teacher voice. It comes from your diaphragm 
and works best with a straight back, 
even-handedness, and a sense of humor.
- Listen to the Paraprofessionals and give them respect!
- Don't make it harder than it is. Simple, common sense, 
and LISTEN to your supervising teacher 

These were my 2 favorites:

- Go into it knowing you will make mistakes and that's okay! 
Be reflective and trust your gut. Usually it will guide you through.
- If a student asks you to smell his hand...don't.

Good luck to all current and future Student teachers.
I hope this helps!!

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