Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It has been a long day...

I just woke up from an unexpected
nap and it felt great!

Nickleby has decided that licking himself 
{we assume from allergies}
is the best way to help himself and it has
actually caused him pain. These are the
times I wish dogs could speak...sigh.

Due to his new found love of licking
his leg, I have been up to give him allergy
medicine like clockwork. He woke me up
well BEFORE my alarm clock went off
and I have been up since. People who say
dogs are not like a baby, puh-lease!!

I think he is finally getting better, 24 hours later.
We did not have him this time last year so
there might be something in the backyard
that has bloomed and his body didn't like it.

This face. He is unamused 
that I interrupted his sunbathing. 

He even came with a built in 
sleeping mask. It comes in handy!

On another, more scholastic note,
I am excited to only have ONE MORE
semester {2 months approx.} until I start 
Student Teaching at an AWESOME school
AND I am officially the Co-President of the
University of North Georgia Education Club!
I cannot wait to meet and talk about new and
different fundraisers, speakers and events.

I cannot wait to be Daytona bound
in 5 weeks and 3 days!

Love these things:

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