Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy, busy bee...

Lets see...
Since I last wrote another
 baby boys has come into the world.

Baby Wyatt

Babies, babies EVERYWHERE! :)

hm, lets see.. on another note,
I took the SPED GACE 
and hope I did well. I would love
to add that to my resume!

Classes are going well overall. 
I love that we only have to go a select
number of days during summer semester.
 My car and wallet love that!

I finished my observation hours at the
Gainesville Housing Authority, Chicopee Woods
and Auburn Elementary. I am going to miss my little ones.

Lets see...what else.. oh yes..
I will be attending the NOVA summer conference
to present a paper a few of the Belize attendees and I wrote.
I am so excited to be a part of this experience as well
as being able to add this my my resume. 

I started a Twitter...
You can follow me @mrswordswords
I'll follow you back. :)
Still trying to get over all of the #hashtags
I am not the biggest fan of those pound signs.

Hm.. that is all I can think to update on now.
You know I love a good count down. :)
16 days until the beach!
43 days until Open house for Student Teaching!

Off to hold by breath for the Braves
to beat Kansas City... GO BRAVES!

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