Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Land!

I have been up to my ears in 
babies and baby related gatherings
from Saturday through today.

First, on Saturday, I went to a shower for my cousin's
soon-to-be baby girl Marianna.

My sister {left} and I {right}
at the baby shower.
**Please notice how clear my face is!!**
** Thank you coconut oil!!**

1: Diaper cake made for Cousin's baby girl
2: Sister, mother and I
3: Sister, GREAT Grandma {Tut} and I

On Sunday, I went to visit my 
other cousin's new baby girl Libby.

Sydney and her new little sister Libby.

My mom feeding Libby.

Today, get a text from my good friend telling me her
little boy had just been born! Babies three days in a row!!

As soon as I could, I made way to see this little one.

Baby Boy Braylon

{Please excuse the Gators hat}

Whew, baby!

As of now, my husband, 
dogs and school are my babies...
No little ones for us for a few years.
{Sorry Ellie!!} of school.
My SPED GACE practice book 
is calling my name...test Saturday. AGH!!

I will leave you with a laugh...especially teachers.

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