Sunday, June 30, 2013

Student Teacher Advice

So as you know, I will begin student
teaching in less than 2 months.
(43 days to be exact)

I took a chance and used good
ol' Twitter (follow me if you'd like!) 
to try and receive advice from other
teachers currently teaching.

184 responses later...

Since there were so many, I 
won't list ALL of them. If you'd
like to read them all, head on over
to FaceBook and like the Scholastic Teacher's page.

Here are some that stuck out to me:

- Avoid negativity. 
- Teach the stuff, not the fluff
- If you do not have classroom control you cannot teach. 
Make that your number one priority.
- Find your teacher voice. It comes from your diaphragm 
and works best with a straight back, 
even-handedness, and a sense of humor.
- Listen to the Paraprofessionals and give them respect!
- Don't make it harder than it is. Simple, common sense, 
and LISTEN to your supervising teacher 

These were my 2 favorites:

- Go into it knowing you will make mistakes and that's okay! 
Be reflective and trust your gut. Usually it will guide you through.
- If a student asks you to smell his hand...don't.

Good luck to all current and future Student teachers.
I hope this helps!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy, busy bee...

Lets see...
Since I last wrote another
 baby boys has come into the world.

Baby Wyatt

Babies, babies EVERYWHERE! :)

hm, lets see.. on another note,
I took the SPED GACE 
and hope I did well. I would love
to add that to my resume!

Classes are going well overall. 
I love that we only have to go a select
number of days during summer semester.
 My car and wallet love that!

I finished my observation hours at the
Gainesville Housing Authority, Chicopee Woods
and Auburn Elementary. I am going to miss my little ones.

Lets see...what else.. oh yes..
I will be attending the NOVA summer conference
to present a paper a few of the Belize attendees and I wrote.
I am so excited to be a part of this experience as well
as being able to add this my my resume. 

I started a Twitter...
You can follow me @mrswordswords
I'll follow you back. :)
Still trying to get over all of the #hashtags
I am not the biggest fan of those pound signs.

Hm.. that is all I can think to update on now.
You know I love a good count down. :)
16 days until the beach!
43 days until Open house for Student Teaching!

Off to hold by breath for the Braves
to beat Kansas City... GO BRAVES!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Land!

I have been up to my ears in 
babies and baby related gatherings
from Saturday through today.

First, on Saturday, I went to a shower for my cousin's
soon-to-be baby girl Marianna.

My sister {left} and I {right}
at the baby shower.
**Please notice how clear my face is!!**
** Thank you coconut oil!!**

1: Diaper cake made for Cousin's baby girl
2: Sister, mother and I
3: Sister, GREAT Grandma {Tut} and I

On Sunday, I went to visit my 
other cousin's new baby girl Libby.

Sydney and her new little sister Libby.

My mom feeding Libby.

Today, get a text from my good friend telling me her
little boy had just been born! Babies three days in a row!!

As soon as I could, I made way to see this little one.

Baby Boy Braylon

{Please excuse the Gators hat}

Whew, baby!

As of now, my husband, 
dogs and school are my babies...
No little ones for us for a few years.
{Sorry Ellie!!} of school.
My SPED GACE practice book 
is calling my name...test Saturday. AGH!!

I will leave you with a laugh...especially teachers.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You know you are meant to be a teacher when...

you get super excited about 
papers and organizing them!

What do I mean exactly?

This ^^ pink and black beauty from
the awesome blog A Modern Teacher.

It was the best $7.50 I have ever spent
to organize myself for Student Teaching.

This blog's Teachers Pay Teachers {TPT}
store has this same planner in different designs

Excited to use it! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It has been a long day...

I just woke up from an unexpected
nap and it felt great!

Nickleby has decided that licking himself 
{we assume from allergies}
is the best way to help himself and it has
actually caused him pain. These are the
times I wish dogs could speak...sigh.

Due to his new found love of licking
his leg, I have been up to give him allergy
medicine like clockwork. He woke me up
well BEFORE my alarm clock went off
and I have been up since. People who say
dogs are not like a baby, puh-lease!!

I think he is finally getting better, 24 hours later.
We did not have him this time last year so
there might be something in the backyard
that has bloomed and his body didn't like it.

This face. He is unamused 
that I interrupted his sunbathing. 

He even came with a built in 
sleeping mask. It comes in handy!

On another, more scholastic note,
I am excited to only have ONE MORE
semester {2 months approx.} until I start 
Student Teaching at an AWESOME school
AND I am officially the Co-President of the
University of North Georgia Education Club!
I cannot wait to meet and talk about new and
different fundraisers, speakers and events.

I cannot wait to be Daytona bound
in 5 weeks and 3 days!

Love these things:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Coconut Face Update

Before: May 24th, 2013

Now: June 3, 2013

Great success! 

I feel like the coconut oil
has really helped with my skin problems!

I no longer have the eczema on 
my eye lids or cystic acne! 
Amazing enough, I even think it 
is shrinking my pores!

Who would have known a
HUGE jar of coconut oil was
what I needed all this time!

If you have any questions about
the process or anything, just leave 
a comment or send me an email!

Good luck to you if you choose to 
try this method. I would love to see
your pictures to share on this blog!