Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Terrific Towel Time!

I started my day off with a nice lunch
with nice people and a quick run/walk followed.

It looked like rain but thankfully, nothing.
Just a wonderful, overcast, breezy run/walk.

After my walk, the magical, wild, cleaning hair arose..
I thought I would put this awesome Pinterest pin to the test.

{Insert Borat Voice) 

Yes! Now, the Word home has WONDERFUL smelling towels.
The power of vinegar and baking soda is amazing!
Those pretty, pricey towels given as a wedding gift smell as good as new.

*In case you don't want to go to the external link, it
is simple to DIY. It is as follows:
First, add 1 Cup Vinegar in HOT water for the first cycle with towels.
After the towels have gone though the FULL cycle, rewash with
1 Cup of baking soda on HOT. Allow the towels to finish the FULL cycle...
ENJOY, like-new, fluffy towels!

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