Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm leaving on a jet planeee...but I will be back. :)

So my bags are packed and the countdown is on...
26 hours until I am flying to Belize!

I have been researching (if you can call it that) on Pinterest
the most efficient way to pack your bags.
The method I found on EVERY website was to roll the clothing.

Let me tell you...SO thankful I read all of that.
I thought it would be fun to see how much I could
fit into my checked bag and you KNOW I documented it all.

Maybe these will help you on your next excursion!

Okay, first things first, pick awesome luggage.
These two are from a 5 piece set I was given
from my parents for Christmas for this trip.
It has been used a few times before this trip so I know it is awesome.
Checked bag on the left
Carry on on the right

Supplies tucked away for the kiddies!

Two pairs of jogging capris and
one pair of running shorts...waiting to be rolled.

Two UNG/GSC Education Club shirts,
again, waiting to be rolled.

Rolled and carefully placed...
SO much room!

Next, I laid all of my jeans out.
After they have had a few sets of items rolled
and put on top, I will fold them over.
You'll see a few pictures down. :)

Dress, cardigan, skirt and shirt for teaching.

Casual seminar outfit

Jeans folded over to make more room.
That also has my jammies rolled up in there.
I didn't think y'all would care and got the point
 of rolling being awesome.

The end result! It kind of felt like playing Tetris...
I still had room left and it was only 33lbs!

Packed, tagged and ready to be put in cargo!

"Carry On Chaos"
This is the name of this photo...

Chaos was  condensed...
Yes..that IS a basset hound book to read.
I am reading to make sure it can be used
during student teaching when I get there. HA!

Also, this little guy is going to come
with me and document all of the places we go.
to donate to help me go on this awesome study abroad 
so I thought it would be a neat way to show them all that we did. :)

Now to wait until bed time,
wake up at 5:30 AM and 
brave the Atlanta traffic!

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