Friday, May 24, 2013

Coconut Face!

Okay, so I am trying something new.
I have had acne since I was about 15.
Yes, 10 YEARS! I have had NO relief
from this horrid cystic acne.

When I was 16, I started all of the 
antibiotics, creams and all of that fun stuff.
No bring on the Acutane!

Nope, not even THAT potent stuff 
could tame THIS facial acne.

I stumbled upon THIS link and
it sparked my interest to look into this
method a bit more.

$4.99 Organix, Unrefined coconut oil from ALDI
$12.99 for the Organic, Unrefined 
Coconut Oil from Kroger and
a face full of cystic acne.
Check and check!

The first step is to put a damp cloth
on your face for about 5 minutes
to open up your pores and
welcome the coconut oil.

*You could also do this step at the
end of your shower. Pores will
be open by then!*

Here is my face, after the warm towel
and once I applied the coconut oil 
to my whole face and eyelids.

I placed it on my eyelids due to my
bout with eczema as well. I know...
I have the BEST skin on the planet, ha!

Once you have put the oil on,
I waited a about 2 minutes
and then placed the hot towel 
on my face again for about 5 minutes.

I live such a glamourous life...I know, ha!

Once my five minutes where up, I softly 
wiped off the oil and had supple, soft skin.

I will check back in in a few days to see
if there has been any progress...

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