Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de AWESOME

Cinco...the number of the day.

Mexico's victory over France in 1867 and 
cinco days until BELIZE!

Five also plays a HUGE part in the amount
of money raised for Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia
last night at the 7th Annual Spring Fling.

Only thing is that you have to add
cuatro zeros and a comma!!
Yep, you read correctly!
$50,000 USD..NOT pesos!

Largest donation yet!
My good friend planned and 
executed the event perfectly.

Enjoy the photos below!

The top photo is the chaos before and
the bottom shows how hard work pays off!
Loved having TONS of donations!

Amazing, Live auction items.
BHRG raised over $33k JUST in the live auction!!

So many silent auction items! Love it!

Show stopper!
I wanted this so bad! 
I believe it went for over $800!

Loved the cocktail decor!

All of the tables were set up so pretty and fancy.

Close up of the table. Loved all of the detail!
My favorite items were the straws. One volunteer glued
100+ flags on the straws. They had the name of the basset
available for adoption and a little saying.

My mother and I.

Well, I think my next update will be after
Belize and I will flood this page with beautiful photos.
I warned you! :)

Oh, look who we ran into...

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