Friday, May 24, 2013

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Coconut Face!

Okay, so I am trying something new.
I have had acne since I was about 15.
Yes, 10 YEARS! I have had NO relief
from this horrid cystic acne.

When I was 16, I started all of the 
antibiotics, creams and all of that fun stuff.
No bring on the Acutane!

Nope, not even THAT potent stuff 
could tame THIS facial acne.

I stumbled upon THIS link and
it sparked my interest to look into this
method a bit more.

$4.99 Organix, Unrefined coconut oil from ALDI
$12.99 for the Organic, Unrefined 
Coconut Oil from Kroger and
a face full of cystic acne.
Check and check!

The first step is to put a damp cloth
on your face for about 5 minutes
to open up your pores and
welcome the coconut oil.

*You could also do this step at the
end of your shower. Pores will
be open by then!*

Here is my face, after the warm towel
and once I applied the coconut oil 
to my whole face and eyelids.

I placed it on my eyelids due to my
bout with eczema as well. I know...
I have the BEST skin on the planet, ha!

Once you have put the oil on,
I waited a about 2 minutes
and then placed the hot towel 
on my face again for about 5 minutes.

I live such a glamourous life...I know, ha!

Once my five minutes where up, I softly 
wiped off the oil and had supple, soft skin.

I will check back in in a few days to see
if there has been any progress...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

You better Belize I had a great time!

I am back from my Study Abroad and
I cannot wait to go back!

It was totally a life changing experience and
I wouldn't change it for the world.

I will just post photos with descriptions...
There are tons! :)

Bye bye Georgia!!

Beautiful weather for the 3 hour flight.

Plenty of liquids and snacks.
Light reading, ha! :)

Hello Mexico!

View from the porch of the hotel.

Pretty money! This is equal to $12.50 USD

Awesome Belizean band that
welcomed us.

Delicious, ham and cheese crescents


One of my favorites.
The top of a tiki hut.

Me and the Myan ruin on Lamanai.

HUGE Mayan temple.
I climbed all the way up to the top...
needless to say, I was sore for 3 days.

One of the original, Mayan calendars

Cuties with my basset plush I brought.

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education in Belize, and I!! 
Amazing!! This guy is a big deal in Belize! 
He is the equivalent of Arne Duncan in the US!! 
If you do not know who Arne here.

My Standard IV (= to 3rd or 4th grade) classroom.

Where they wash their hands.

The teacher's desk.

My students and my teacher

My class!

Can I please have the one of the right?

The best $1 USD tacos!

My favorite breakfast spot on San Pedro

Field day!

This iguana...
it chased a few of us around the villas.

My first REAL hibiscus flower
I have ever seen in person. So pretty!


Hard to describe...
this article says it all.

Homes in San Mateo

Snorkeling with nurse sharks, sea turtles,
stingrays, and eels!

Eyes are closed but you get the idea, ha!
I am SO sunburned from this...

View from the catamaran!

The lady had the same name as me!
This is a good picture to show my sunburn, ha!

Bye Belize! I cannot wait to see you next year!

This was truly a life changing experience.
When you see the kid's faces and see how happy they are
regardless of what they have or they do not have, it changes
everything. You don't remember your car, nice clothes or home.
You think about that kid and how they live everyday. Do they
have a meal after they run off smiling from school? Will they get a 
good nights sleep? Will they come to school tomorrow with a full belly?

These students get to go to school until Standard VI (= to about 8th grade)
for free and after that, they have to come up with $500 BZ ($250 USD) PER
GRADE to go to high school. Students in the United States take for granted
how easy it is to go to high school. 

Because of it being so hard for the Belizean kids to finish school, I spoke with
my professor that organized the Study Abroad about forming a organization
that sponsors students. A cohort member and I are wanting to get people
and companies to sponsor one year of high school or all four years.
I am excited to try and get this project off the ground!!

On a side note:
- As of now, I am unofficially the co-president of the 
University of North Georgia Education Club!!
- Party at my home to celebrate our last semester
before student teaching in August
- Baby shower for my old co worker!
- My LAST summer semester EVER!
Well...until I go for my Masters. :)
- Special Education GACE
-Thirty-One Celebrate and Connect meeting
Hopefully I will have something special to share afterwards!
- DAYTONA in July!
- Speaking about the Belize trip at the conference in Orlando!
- Much much moreeee