Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook: Update

Update: Oh my stars! I got this digital copy and let me tell you,
if you are an Early Childhood teacher, you NEED this book.

There are SO MANY resources and it is broken down into EACH standard
and it has corresponding worksheets. I am obsessed and so glad I was
blog surfing and found this little gem.

Now, I need to get my FINAL placement and then begin to brainstorm
for preplanning in August...

So...Common Core. I know it isn't so common to some people who have
never had to use it and might need this handy dandy workbook.

I am super interested in this little ditty because I think (I HOPE!) I am 
going to be placed into a 4th grade class for my student teaching and
I would love to come in well prepared. I always welcome a helpful
math and language arts resource. Check it out!

While I am not the biggest advocate for worksheets, it is always
nice to have the "hard" resources to base activities off of and for 
days where you have a sub.

This is nice as well because there is a digital version. No need to lug
a big book around or when making copies it is a simple click and
no contorting of a big book hoping you got it all on there. 

Click here for your chance to win a FREE download! Expires 4/21/13!

p.s. HOORAY 50th post!!

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