Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Day Friday!!

Field day-o-Field day...
How do I love thee?

Needless to day, my supervising teacher
told me that this Friday was field day...
I couldn't get there quicker.

 Today was technically my last day with my
5th graders (tear) BUT I will be back to 
that school to complete my 20 hours
needed for my SPED class this summer.

My teacher is a Tennessee (SEC college football) fan
so I decided to make her, from my previous post, this beauty.
I found matching pretty? (p.s. she LOVED it)

Don't you just love that bear? ha!

Okay, field day photos. As stated before, my teacher
is a HUGE Tennessee fan so OBVIOUSLY their field day
shirts are orange and white. All hand dyed by Mrs. E.

*The kids faces look funny.*
*I had to blur them for privacy reasons.*


Hm... this game. It STARTED with
the kids simply hitting the ball off the cone
and then retrieving it. (The correct way)
It didn't stay that way long.

Soon, this turned into a combination of baseball, golf 
and multiple close calls that could have led to concussions.

After lunch...cup stacking relay.
This was...interesting. Some amazed me with their
 cup construction and destruction skillz.

Oh silly one in the red shorts...
This class had so many personalities.
Time for the over under sponge water relay.

If you didn't notice...

All of the boys were in the front
and the girls in the back. The boys WANTED
to squeeze the wet sponge on themselves (DUH!)
and the girls...not so much.

Now it was time to both bake and dry
in the sun. Fifth graders could not have asked
for a more beautiful day. Blue sky and about 70 degrees.

Most of the kids by this time were wet and over it...
until...relay races.

Sack race anyone?
Talk about ultimate teamwork.
Quite a few students ate dirt...they
didn't get the teamwork memo.

First place!

Speaking of first place...
The game NOT for the soft handed weakling.

Yep...number 1... undefeated...
my little rough handed 5th graders!

Now it is time to get ready to go to sleep
so I can FINALLY give my baby shower gift tomorrow.
I am dying to share it with you on this blog.

Oh yeah...speaking..ur, typing of getting ready..
2 weeks from today I will be getting ready
to travel to BELIZE! AGH!

Tomorrow, I will return...
tons of photos in hand of
a happy baby mama and her gifts. :)

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