Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crafty Thursday...

Hello all! I am still beaming from Monday's amazingness.

I forgot to tell y'all in my earlier post about this A-DORABLE
pond Mr.Word and I found around us. You can fish with cows!


On this same day, Mr. Word caught the
ultimate item out of this precious pond...

A new rod and reel!
He was able to get it working!

While Mr. Word was getting awesome
stuff from the pond, I got this...

Hello there little Irish lady!!
It is starting to go away now...slowly.

In other news...

I was on a crafty kick today.
Tomorrow, I am going to my observation 
elementary school for their field day. FUN!

I have had one of the best teachers through my 5th grade
experience so I thought I would make here a cute, little gift.

Below is a step-by-step:

First, I sacrificed a drinking glass from my kitchen.
I used sandpaper to scrape the glass for better adhesion.
(Thank you wedding centerpieces for that tidbit of knowledge) 

Next, I used a hot glue gun to adhere
the dollar store pencils to the glass.
(Do not judge me by my messy desk, ha!)

36 pencils later...

Finished product.
My teacher is a Tennessee fan it is.
I believe I am going to buy a few
pretty little flowers to throw in there.

I accomplished one other craft/gift/awesome item...but...
I cannot share it until after I give it to my friend for
her baby "sprinkle" shower this weekend.

It also have a step-by-step guide for it...
I am obsessed with making these.
I think everyone having babies will get one from now on...

Anywho...Project Runway finale is on.

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