Friday, April 19, 2013

6 more days...6 more!

That's right!! Six more days until the end of the semester, 239 until GRADUATION!
Nah, I am not counting down or anything, ha!

As always...since I last blogged:

- My last observation of this semester.
- We had our yardsale and it went great! 
- Last Education Club of the semester
- My poor 5th graders took the CRCT, fingers crossed!
- Went to the mountains with Mr. Word and my parents
- Thirty-One: Celebrate & Connect meeting! New patterns!
- My Great-Grandma's 90th birthday!
- POSSIBLE Class of 2000, elementary school reunion!

Still so much but since I am no longer working, 
it keeps me both sane and busy!

Yard sale! We made money and helped a lot of people!
As the day went on, we started giving stellar deals, if not giving it away for free.
Mr. Word had the BRILLIANT idea of having a "late" yard sale.
11am-3pm... genius! The positive response was amazing. 
We had well over 50 people come into our horse shoe drive way!

The next weekend, we went to the MOUNTAINS!
One of my favorite places to be. The other favorite
is the beach...that comes in far away!

So pretty! Mr. Word and I on the mountainside.
To get to the chalets we were staying in,
we had to cross the GA/SC line about 5 times.
It was quite interesting.

While were there, here are a few pictures of what we did...

Mr. Word relaxing.

HEY JACK! You're cute!

Cha-Ching! Just kidding! We lost money, ha!

When I got back, that next Friday held a Thirty-One
Celebrate and Connect meeting. Those are always
fun because we get a sneak peek and a free item!
There are going to be three new patterns and
two new items (I think that is all...)
Here is a peek at a new pattern.

If you know me, you know I love flip flops.
I wear them 365, pretty much. This is the Large
Utility Tote with the new pattern. Consultants are
currently the only who have the beauties.
I think they will be available as a special
in May. Don't quote me but they might.


email me!!! :)

Now for Tutty-Whut-Whut's big 90th bash!
We went to an awesome restaurant and 45+
family members showed up to show her some love.
It was like a family reunion!

So cute!

All but 6 of her great-grandkids.

I had to add this one in here. This is one of my
 favorite pictures taken the night of our wedding.

Last but not graduating class
is thinking about a reunion. NOPE, not high school!

Speaking of baby...say hello to this cutie.

HELLO bleached, CUT OFF, overalls!

TALL Row!! All my life, haha!
p.s. My teacher had style...

I think I was OVER this field day... I was mean muggin'

Ahhh...the good ol'days...
Anywho, I would love to catch up with
all of my old classmates. So far we have about 10
people who had said they are interested out of 75 in our group.
We will know if it does end up happening,
I will have photos! :)

I could type a long list of upcoming events but...I wont. :)
Stay tuned!

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