Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 days!!

I cannot believe I am only 
10 days away from Belize!
I thought this day would never come.

First things first...
I was dying, in my last post, to show
you my baby shower gift to my friend.

Square, diaper cake!!
This was so much fun to make
and I cannot wait to make more
for all of the babies in my family
and for my friends.

I added a step by step tutorial below:

1. Fold diapers in half and stack them.
When you stack them, alternate the direction
so it will create a more even look.

I meant to buy white diapers to
give it a more uniform and clean look
but when I got home...HELLO Elmo!

2. Rubber band them. 

I used the larger rubber bands
(see next pic). They are about
the size of a headband.

Here are the rows for the bottom tier.
Each section was ~15 diapers.
Pampers, Size 3 to be exact.

3. Repeat the same as above but 
with less diapers per section and per tier.
*Hey Bogart!*

For example, the above:
Bottom tier: 3 rows of 15 diapers
Middle tier: 2 rows of 10 diapers
Top tier: 1 row of 5

*In the blog I followed to create this they did not
tell you how to keep them from sliding around. Well,
thank you grilling skewers! That was my trick to keep
it all in place. I was determined to make this a cake that
was TOTALLY usable. Nothing is glued to the diapers 
so she can use all ~70 diapers! Hooray!

4. Pick some pretty ribbon.
I stretched it around and glued it on itself.
Like I said above, all diapers are usable.

 5. Add lots of cute and practical items
Once again, grilling skewers made it possible
for some items to stay in place. I just glued them
to the back of the item and stuck them in. Easy!

Yay for baby showers!
Tiffany and Baby "B".

After the shower, I made my way to my hometown
to eat with my parents at a new Italian place.
Anyone ever heard of Buca Di Beppo?

My mother and her HUGE
piece of lasagna. That is one
thing about this place..HUGE portions.

My meal.
That huge bowl is a SMALL.
Yes, a small! Enough for 4 meals.
I ate some and brought back
some for Mr. Word to try.

Next, we came back home and
started looking through this big tub.

Tons of photos that will soon be on FaceBook...
Friends and family, beware. :)

My last day of school until JUNE was yesterday...
We had to put on a readers theater.
My group chose to read The real story of the 3 little pigs.
The picture below pretty much sums up the awesomeness
that was our readers theater...

He had his wolf ears on backwards...nerd!
Please note his "Suga Daddy" suger cube gold chain.
We did amazing...needless to say with these props!

Now that school is TOTALLY OVER,
I can focus on Belize and the 
I cannot wait!

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