Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 days!!

I cannot believe I am only 
10 days away from Belize!
I thought this day would never come.

First things first...
I was dying, in my last post, to show
you my baby shower gift to my friend.

Square, diaper cake!!
This was so much fun to make
and I cannot wait to make more
for all of the babies in my family
and for my friends.

I added a step by step tutorial below:

1. Fold diapers in half and stack them.
When you stack them, alternate the direction
so it will create a more even look.

I meant to buy white diapers to
give it a more uniform and clean look
but when I got home...HELLO Elmo!

2. Rubber band them. 

I used the larger rubber bands
(see next pic). They are about
the size of a headband.

Here are the rows for the bottom tier.
Each section was ~15 diapers.
Pampers, Size 3 to be exact.

3. Repeat the same as above but 
with less diapers per section and per tier.
*Hey Bogart!*

For example, the above:
Bottom tier: 3 rows of 15 diapers
Middle tier: 2 rows of 10 diapers
Top tier: 1 row of 5

*In the blog I followed to create this they did not
tell you how to keep them from sliding around. Well,
thank you grilling skewers! That was my trick to keep
it all in place. I was determined to make this a cake that
was TOTALLY usable. Nothing is glued to the diapers 
so she can use all ~70 diapers! Hooray!

4. Pick some pretty ribbon.
I stretched it around and glued it on itself.
Like I said above, all diapers are usable.

 5. Add lots of cute and practical items
Once again, grilling skewers made it possible
for some items to stay in place. I just glued them
to the back of the item and stuck them in. Easy!

Yay for baby showers!
Tiffany and Baby "B".

After the shower, I made my way to my hometown
to eat with my parents at a new Italian place.
Anyone ever heard of Buca Di Beppo?

My mother and her HUGE
piece of lasagna. That is one
thing about this place..HUGE portions.

My meal.
That huge bowl is a SMALL.
Yes, a small! Enough for 4 meals.
I ate some and brought back
some for Mr. Word to try.

Next, we came back home and
started looking through this big tub.

Tons of photos that will soon be on FaceBook...
Friends and family, beware. :)

My last day of school until JUNE was yesterday...
We had to put on a readers theater.
My group chose to read The real story of the 3 little pigs.
The picture below pretty much sums up the awesomeness
that was our readers theater...

He had his wolf ears on backwards...nerd!
Please note his "Suga Daddy" suger cube gold chain.
We did amazing...needless to say with these props!

Now that school is TOTALLY OVER,
I can focus on Belize and the 
I cannot wait!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Day Friday!!

Field day-o-Field day...
How do I love thee?

Needless to day, my supervising teacher
told me that this Friday was field day...
I couldn't get there quicker.

 Today was technically my last day with my
5th graders (tear) BUT I will be back to 
that school to complete my 20 hours
needed for my SPED class this summer.

My teacher is a Tennessee (SEC college football) fan
so I decided to make her, from my previous post, this beauty.
I found matching flowers...how pretty? (p.s. she LOVED it)

Don't you just love that bear? ha!

Okay, field day photos. As stated before, my teacher
is a HUGE Tennessee fan so OBVIOUSLY their field day
shirts are orange and white. All hand dyed by Mrs. E.

*The kids faces look funny.*
*I had to blur them for privacy reasons.*


Hm... this game. It STARTED with
the kids simply hitting the ball off the cone
and then retrieving it. (The correct way)
It didn't stay that way long.

Soon, this turned into a combination of baseball, golf 
and multiple close calls that could have led to concussions.

After lunch...cup stacking relay.
This was...interesting. Some amazed me with their
 cup construction and destruction skillz.

Oh silly one in the red shorts...
This class had so many personalities.
Time for the over under sponge water relay.

If you didn't notice...

All of the boys were in the front
and the girls in the back. The boys WANTED
to squeeze the wet sponge on themselves (DUH!)
and the girls...not so much.

Now it was time to both bake and dry
in the sun. Fifth graders could not have asked
for a more beautiful day. Blue sky and about 70 degrees.

Most of the kids by this time were wet and over it...
until...relay races.

Sack race anyone?
Talk about ultimate teamwork.
Quite a few students ate dirt...they
didn't get the teamwork memo.

First place!

Speaking of first place...
The game NOT for the soft handed weakling.

Yep...number 1... undefeated...
my little rough handed 5th graders!

Now it is time to get ready to go to sleep
so I can FINALLY give my baby shower gift tomorrow.
I am dying to share it with you on this blog.

Oh yeah...speaking..ur, typing of getting ready..
2 weeks from today I will be getting ready
to travel to BELIZE! AGH!

Tomorrow, I will return...
tons of photos in hand of
a happy baby mama and her gifts. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crafty Thursday...

Hello all! I am still beaming from Monday's amazingness.

I forgot to tell y'all in my earlier post about this A-DORABLE
pond Mr.Word and I found around us. You can fish with cows!


On this same day, Mr. Word caught the
ultimate item out of this precious pond...

A new rod and reel!
He was able to get it working!

While Mr. Word was getting awesome
stuff from the pond, I got this...

Hello there little Irish lady!!
It is starting to go away now...slowly.

In other news...

I was on a crafty kick today.
Tomorrow, I am going to my observation 
elementary school for their field day. FUN!

I have had one of the best teachers through my 5th grade
experience so I thought I would make here a cute, little gift.

Below is a step-by-step:

First, I sacrificed a drinking glass from my kitchen.
I used sandpaper to scrape the glass for better adhesion.
(Thank you wedding centerpieces for that tidbit of knowledge) 

Next, I used a hot glue gun to adhere
the dollar store pencils to the glass.
(Do not judge me by my messy desk, ha!)

36 pencils later...

Finished product.
My teacher is a Tennessee fan so...orange it is.
I believe I am going to buy a few
pretty little flowers to throw in there.

I accomplished one other craft/gift/awesome item...but...
I cannot share it until after I give it to my friend for
her baby "sprinkle" shower this weekend.

It also have a step-by-step guide for it...
I am obsessed with making these.
I think everyone having babies will get one from now on...

Anywho...Project Runway finale is on.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Student teaching...bring it on!!

Today...was THE day. 
I am officially certified by the state of Georgia to teach
your children from kindergarten to fifth grade!

I still need the diploma but I am one step closer!

I have never been more excited (academically) in my life!
All that stands between me and a big girl job is student teaching.

I cannot be more excited! I am anxiously awaiting my field placement.
I think (AND HOPE) I know where it is going to be but the suspense is killing me!


Another weight lifted off of my shoulders...

One more assignment and I am DONE!

Belize here I come!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook: Update

Update: Oh my stars! I got this digital copy and let me tell you,
if you are an Early Childhood teacher, you NEED this book.

There are SO MANY resources and it is broken down into EACH standard
and it has corresponding worksheets. I am obsessed and so glad I was
blog surfing and found this little gem.

Now, I need to get my FINAL placement and then begin to brainstorm
for preplanning in August...

So...Common Core. I know it isn't so common to some people who have
never had to use it and might need this handy dandy workbook.

I am super interested in this little ditty because I think (I HOPE!) I am 
going to be placed into a 4th grade class for my student teaching and
I would love to come in well prepared. I always welcome a helpful
math and language arts resource. Check it out!

While I am not the biggest advocate for worksheets, it is always
nice to have the "hard" resources to base activities off of and for 
days where you have a sub.

This is nice as well because there is a digital version. No need to lug
a big book around or when making copies it is a simple click and
no contorting of a big book hoping you got it all on there. 

Click here for your chance to win a FREE download! Expires 4/21/13!

p.s. HOORAY 50th post!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

6 more days...6 more!

That's right!! Six more days until the end of the semester, 239 until GRADUATION!
Nah, I am not counting down or anything, ha!

As always...since I last blogged:

- My last observation of this semester.
- We had our yardsale and it went great! 
- Last Education Club of the semester
- My poor 5th graders took the CRCT, fingers crossed!
- Went to the mountains with Mr. Word and my parents
- Thirty-One: Celebrate & Connect meeting! New patterns!
- My Great-Grandma's 90th birthday!
- POSSIBLE Class of 2000, elementary school reunion!

Still so much but since I am no longer working, 
it keeps me both sane and busy!

Yard sale! We made money and helped a lot of people!
As the day went on, we started giving stellar deals, if not giving it away for free.
Mr. Word had the BRILLIANT idea of having a "late" yard sale.
11am-3pm... genius! The positive response was amazing. 
We had well over 50 people come into our horse shoe drive way!

The next weekend, we went to the MOUNTAINS!
One of my favorite places to be. The other favorite
is the beach...that comes in July...so far away!

So pretty! Mr. Word and I on the mountainside.
To get to the chalets we were staying in,
we had to cross the GA/SC line about 5 times.
It was quite interesting.

While were there, here are a few pictures of what we did...

Mr. Word relaxing.

HEY JACK! You're cute!

Cha-Ching! Just kidding! We lost money, ha!

When I got back, that next Friday held a Thirty-One
Celebrate and Connect meeting. Those are always
fun because we get a sneak peek and a free item!
There are going to be three new patterns and
two new items (I think that is all...)
Here is a peek at a new pattern.

If you know me, you know I love flip flops.
I wear them 365, pretty much. This is the Large
Utility Tote with the new pattern. Consultants are
currently the only who have the beauties.
I think they will be available as a special
in May. Don't quote me but they might.


email me!!! :)

Now for Tutty-Whut-Whut's big 90th bash!
We went to an awesome restaurant and 45+
family members showed up to show her some love.
It was like a family reunion!

So cute!

All but 6 of her great-grandkids.

I had to add this one in here. This is one of my
 favorite pictures taken the night of our wedding.

Last but not least...my graduating class
is thinking about a reunion. NOPE, not high school!

Speaking of baby...say hello to this cutie.

HELLO bleached, CUT OFF, overalls!

TALL Row!! All my life, haha!
p.s. My teacher had style...

I think I was OVER this field day... I was mean muggin'

Ahhh...the good ol'days...
Anywho, I would love to catch up with
all of my old classmates. So far we have about 10
people who had said they are interested out of 75 in our group.
We will see...you know if it does end up happening,
I will have photos! :)

I could type a long list of upcoming events but...I wont. :)
Stay tuned!