Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My oh my...

I have gotten saddening news from all over the place.

1. The company I have been working for for almost 7 years is closing our store.
2. I found a new salon I like in Athens and it is closing. 
My stylist has yet to find a new place to style so I am in limbo. 
Thankfully I just got it trimmed so I should be good for a few months.

3. The ONLY teach supply store in, near, around Athens is closing.

On a positive note...

1. SPAGE conference was awesome! The KeyNote speaker
was very informative and engaging. I went to a workshop on
classroom management and using the Library of Congress 
as a way to use primary sources (instead of secondary) to 
help your students use higher order thinking.
All in all, I loved it and I cannot wait to go to the bigger conference in June!

2. Belize is paid in full!!! Only 65 days!!

3. Cruise in 2 days!!

4. Early Childhood Education GACE (Lang. Arts/S.S.) in 16 days!

5. I decided to "go all in" and signed up for the Special Ed.
 General Curriculum GACE in July! AGH!

I have a LOT going on and I love it!

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