Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cruise News!

Cruise was a success! Mr. Word is already looking at cruises
for us to enjoy in the November month. We will be able to celebrate:

1. My Mom's (11/22)
2. Thanksgiving (11/28)
3. Mr. Word's (11/30)
4. 1st Year Anniversary (12/1)*
5. MY GRADUATION (~12/6)*
6. MY B.DAY (12/13)*

* These wont be celebrated on the ship the day of but, you get it. :) *

I will post photos with captions and such... Enjoy!

Thankfully, the weather was perfect and traffic was at a minimum.
I noticed a LARGE number of Canadians and thought to myself,
those poor folks. I am complaining about a 7 hour drive
and they had to drive MUCH longer than that.
I also so a lot of plates from Iowa (WOWZERS!), Wisconsin and Missouri.

Other interesting vehicles:
- 18 wheeler carrying fireworks
- 18 wheeler carrying concrete casket vaults
- 18 wheeler carrying milk


Carnival Paradise

Mr. Word enjoying sailing away. :) Such a cutie.
Loving the Tifosi sunglasses!

The only down side about cruises (in my opinion) are all
of the "fun days" at sea. Below is how Mr. Word
and I spend the two "fun" at sea days...

Mr. Word is the best husband EVER
and fed into my obsession (and slowly becoming his)
with The Big Bang Theory and bought me
all 5 seasons before we left!

We had no Wi-Fi but thankfully we could watch
ALMOST all 5 season on our laptop...ah, the comforts of technology!


Ready to get my excursion on on Grand Cayman Island!
We took the plunge (multiple puns intended) and purchased an excursion
through Carnival and were SO happy that we did!

If you are ever going to Grand Cayman and want to
take an excursion that is both informative about 
the history (our favorite!) of the Cayman Island and beautiful, we recommend using
"Kelly's Tours"and asking for Berry D. Kelly. He was personable
and knew his stuff about the Islands. He never rushed us and we were not
late for departure! Huge plus!

Mr. Word waiting to go see Pedro St. James, Hell and
 to relax on Seven Mile Beach.

Busy streets of the capital city of George Town, Grand Cayman.
I loved how friendly the town was. I already want to visit again!

We took an interesting ride to the other side of the island.
I say interesting because they drive on the opposite side
of the road as Americans AND there were NO stoplights...
yep, none! It was roundabout city and I liked it...a lot.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful Pedro St. James...

I would love for this to be my view everyday.

Love my hat and camera. :)

Next, we took another interesting ride for an unlisted pitstop
thanks to our tour guide. We went to Tortuga Rum Cake
Company for free samples!

I met a few pirates... this one was best.

After we visited with the pirates and sampled the goods...
we went straight to Hell...the village of Hell that is!

We sent ourselves and my parents a post has yet to get here.
I will post a photo when it comes. I do have some interesting photos
that might help you figure out why it is called Hell.

Take your best guess...

Mr. Word taking some of the above photos.

If you haven't guessed yet, they call it Hell because the
limestone formations are what some people invision Hell to look like.

Here are a few more...

After leaving Hell (literally)...we visited Heaven on Earth..
Seven Mile Beach

If I have not persuaded you to hop on a cruise ship and get to 
the Grand Cayman Islands for its history...
I will persuade you with one of its gorgeous beaches.

Nope, this is not a  generic desktop image pulled from my computer.
This is the beautiful Seven Mile Beach.

Feel free to use it as your desktop if you wish. ;)

People frolicking in the crystal blue water.
I forgot sunscreen (I know... I know!!) so I was not
able to frolic. Instead, we paid for an umbrella and
just sat and relaxed watching these people above.

I DID take one for the team (I got a little sunburned) and did this.
Yep... JUST by doing this in the sand, yours truly burnt a bit.

After the beach we went back to the boat by ferry.
We took a nap and then awoke for dinner. Yum.

I love having such delicious food that is cooked for me, free (kinda)
and served to us like we were at a swanky restaurant.
We had two of the best servers I have had thus far on
 the cruises I have been on. Their names were 
Louis (Indonesia) and LaLa (Thailand). 
Loved them!

Next day... Cozumel, Mexico.

Honestly, there is not much to say about that day.
We were there from 11:00am - 8:00pm and it rained
Literally... miserable.

We didn't take many photos with our nicer cameras because
of the humidity. Once we went to take photos and
uncapped the lenses...fogged up to the point of no return.

Thankfully our phones are pretty sufficient cameras.

Here are the few photos from our phones...

Please notice the rain cloud making itself present to my right, your left.
At this point it was sprinkling and we had a small glimmer of hope...

This glimmer was washed away by this...

Please notice the puddles...

We had to take cover here.

We had to either buy $6 USD worth of food/coffee/soda
or just give them $6 USD to use their Wi-Fi...
We couldn't give them the money fast enough on that rainy day.

We decided to get something for our money so, we bought these.

I didn't notice until I was taking this photo that Diet Coke in Mexico
is Coca-Cola Light. All diet drinks tasted COMPLETELY different 
but the Coke tasted normal. Best 6 bucks ever!

We sat here until we finished the sodas...well I finished the "Diet" Coke
and Mr. Word downed the Coke. We left the Dr. Pepper to fend or its salty self.

We made a run for it to Three Amigos restaurant...

Once there, we feasted on this amazingness and listened to a wonderful DJ.

Then we received this and glanced very quickly...

Mr. Word and I then proceded to look at one another
with confused looks. I think our waitress saw these looks and quickly
pointed out the USD price...then we were relieved, ha!

I am sure our waitress walked away laughing in her head.

After taking in the music and food, we braved the storm again and
were able to get the deal of the day. $20 for 6 shirts... SCORE!

We then made our way back...okay, we ran back to the ship.
It was raining gatos and perros.

This is the closest Steven and I got to the Mexican beach of Cozumel.
The ACTUAL, BEAUTIFUL beach was about 10 miles from the port.

All in all, it was fun and I am glad I was able to go with Mr. Word.

I do have to say, coming home was wonderful.
It was a long, almost 8 hour drive from Florida.
Seeing our pups get excited when they saw us was a great feeling.

Here is Bogart conked out on the ride home.
Miley to his left and Nickleby to his right.

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