Thursday, March 28, 2013

Belize...if you pleaseee...

Hm.. since I last typed, quite a bit has happened:

1. Baby shower
2. Dad's 50th B-day
3. Education Club with and AWESOME speaker
4. Belize meeting (yay!)
5. GACE 001 taken
6. My last day EVER working at Hallmark
7. Kappa Delta Pi (informal) induction
8. ONE more month of school!!
9. Helping plan a baby shower
10. 2 Pending baby showers in May

So much! I wouldn't change it for anything!
Babies, Babies EVERYWHERE! :)

L to R: Little sister, Father, ME, Mother
Daddy's 50th, Over the Hill, He is 1/2 century old!

Hooray! The Big 5-0! Me, as usual looking at my phone. Ha!

Next, the Belize meeting. I am super excited to be able to go with
two awesome teachers. They have a great since of humor and that
in itself makes life easier. They also told us that when this Study ABroad
is all said and done we will be contributing authors in a peer reviewed
educational journal. AWESOME! One less thing I will have to do WHEN
I go to graduate school. I am so excited...43 days until my life changing trip!

Ugh, GACE. I took the Lang. Arts and Social Studies portions. It was not
what I was expecting. I don't feel as though I failed...I just think it is
going to be a close call. We shall see. I am taking the Special Education 
GACE on July 15th. I am nervous but excited. I will start studying hardcore
when I get my GACE 001 scores in April. ANXIOUS!

Sad day...ended with McDonalds. This past Wednesday was my last day ever
at Wanda's Hallmark. I worked there from August 2006 to March 2013.
It is pretty much the only job I have ever known. I have made some of
the best friends a person can have between the stores in Macon, GA and
Watkinsville, GA. Thankfully, once I moved from Macon to Athens, I have
been able to stay pretty close to those I made at that store and then made 
new ones in the W-ville store. I will miss helping little old ladies with
picking out cards and semi-babysitting when women would forget they
had children and leave me to entertain their little...."angel" and keep them
from demolishing a display I just spent my entire work shift perfecting.
It was sad to leave but it will help me start a new chapter in my life come

Today, I was able to be accepted into the AWESOME Kappa Delta Pi
Educational Honors Society. Loves it! I will have a very decorated robe
at graduation. I will have a KΔΠ honors stole and the purple and green
cords to match. So excited for December 14th! One day after my 26th b-day!

Agh! SOOOO many people are about to pop with a baby, just had a baby or
have found out they are pregnant! I guess it is just because I am at that age.

I am helping put on a shower for a cohort friend who is having her second baby 
boy and I am so excited! I have never helped with a "sprinkle" shower.
Any one reading who knows Tiffany, email me about her shower if you want to go!

In the month of May, I have 2 showers to attend. One for a baby boy and baby girl.
So much cuteness!

So much is in my future:
1. Yard sale this weekend
3. Thirty-One Celebrate and Connect Meeting
NEW CATALOG!! Pictures to come if we
get a
free amenity!
4. My Gread-Grandmother (Tut)'s 90th birthday
5. POSSIBLE Gallery 63 visit
6. Tiffany's shower
7. Bogart and Nickleby's 7th b-day
8. BHRG Spring Fling
10. BELIZE!!!!!!!
So much more but, I am sure you want to wait. :)

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