Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day at school...
I remember this day when I was in Elementary school...
It consisted of making a card box to hold my valentines from classmates (I had the awesome Lisa Frank, neon colored valentines...unicorns to be exact), maybe a movie and orange soda and cupcakes for all! 
Sadly, my 5th graders do not get these luxuries. For they are thinking about CRCT and have no time for such things.
Thankfully, my teacher is awesome and is allowing me to treat my little kiddies.
They are going to get these awesome "Basset-ines" (I LOVE a basset hound), a Dr. Seuss bookmark and a CUPCAKE!

Original "Dachshund" pattern found here.
I gave them my own heart nose (like bassets have). :)

Oh, in other news...I PASSED MY GACE!!
I take one more at the end of March and then on to student teaching (FINALLY!) in August and graduation in December (FINALLY, FINALLY!!)

Below is the Pandora bead my amazing husband surprised me with!

It is kind of hard to see, here is a better one from the website.

Oh yes!! I forgot to post that I received my...

P.S. Countdown to Honeymoon cruise - 27 days!!
Countdown to BELIZE- 90 days!!

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