Monday, February 11, 2013

The road to a literacy endorsement...

is never easy nor short.

Class tonight was very overwhelming. 
Once I graduate (in roughly 297 days...I am not counting down or anything),I will have both an ESOL and Literacy Endorsement from the University of North Georgia on my diploma.
This involves learning the (many) ins and outs of the numerous test.
All of them testing phonics, fluency, vocabulary, etc.
I will get the pleasure of doing all of these on one of my fifth graders and I cannot wait., typing of my 5th grade class. My awesome teacher is sick. :(
She has a double doozie. Pneumonia AND the flu!
I have emailed her my get wells and once she is back on her feet, I will be able to go back in and (hopefully) give my kiddies their basset-ines, Dr. Seuss bookmark and a cupcake on Valentine's day.

Segwaying into Valentine's day...Mr. Word is the hardest fellow to buy for. 
Ask him what he wants? Insert obscure computer part.
Ask him what he needs? He has already returned from the store with it in hand. Leaving me to guess.
Soooooo, we shall see what I come up with to give him and vise versa.

What are YOU wanting for Valentine's day? :)

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